Five Things to Consider When Selecting Prescription Safety Glasses for Medical Workers

medical professional wearing ppe

Just like all fields where you could encounter eye-damaging substances, the medical field is no different. Workers from all facets of the medical field could be exposed to materials and tasks that could damage their eyes, so it is best to give thought to providing eye protection in this field.

In order to decide which are the best options, here are five things to consider when selecting prescription safety glasses as for medical workers.

What will you likely be exposed to?

The medical field is diverse, and many of its occupations differ in terms of the reasons they require eye protection. Will you be in a patient setting, more at risk of minor sprays and debris, or possibly a lab setting in which you must protect your eyes from chemicals and damaging material? Consider these questions when deciding which pair is right for you to get the best results.

Lens coatings and technology

Depending on the specific jobs they’re needed for, you want to consider particular lens coatings and technologies. If you’re working long hours under bright lights or in close proximity to lamps, you might want to consider anti-reflective lenses or those with built-in UV protection for a better view in harsh lighting and reduced eye strain.

ANSI Standards

To make sure that you’re choosing glasses are best suited for safety be sure to look for ANSI Z87 in the description. When working with potentially eye-damaging materials or in locations with the risk of impact, ensuring that your glasses have been tested to ANSI Z87.1 standards. Prescription safety glasses, in particular, should feature the following markings Z87-2+. The “+” denotes safety frames that have passed high velocity/mass impact testing for prescription glasses.


Just like any pair of glasses, the fit and comfort of your safety glasses is extremely important. Choosing the right fit can be done through taking eye and facial measurements, as most safety glasses will be sized according to these numbers. When you’ve decided the correct fit, make sure they lay comfortably on your face without any digging or irritation, and that they do not easily slide off. Many safety frames come with a head strap, adjustable nose pads & temples which an experienced optician can help adjust for you. The proper fit and comfort can be the difference between securely protected eyes and injury.


Safety glasses comes in all shapes and sizes depending on what you need. They can look identical to any common prescription glasses with thin metal frames, or they can be thick, plastic frames with side shields. Take the time to consider which style fits your needs the best, whether you need a brow guard to protect from falling debris, rubber skirt seals to keep out liquids or a full goggle to protect against fine dust. There are many options to choose from!

Search for the Best Option

Finding the best possible safety glasses for a job can improve not only the workers’ experience but increase the quality of work done as well. Knowing everyone is properly protected from eye damage allows for peace of mind throughout the workplace.

To find the right safety glasses for you and your workplace, shop our selection of SafeVision prescription safety glasses now OR contact us to learn about our corporate programs for employers.


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