Eye safety in the dental office? It may seem like an odd one, but eye safety in the dental office is critical to the safety of the dentist, techs, and patients. Like all other medical facilities that host equipment and chemicals, occupants need safety glasses to protect their eyes from occupational hazards.

When operating a dental office, choose SafeVision™ to supply you and your staff with the safety glasses needed to promote eye health and safety.

Dentistry Contains Many Eye Safety Hazards

Dentistry holds many dangers for the eyes. From creating molds in the lab, curing lights, and air polishing tools, debris can get into the eye and create injury. When operating, blood and other fluids could spray up and introduce pathogens to the eyes.

Performing other tasks such as x-rays also require safety glasses in addition to lead aprons that protect patients from radiation.

Protect Patients & Staff From Eye Injury

Safety glasses in the dental office not only protects dental staff but patients as well. Provide staff with their own safety glasses, as well as patients. For patients, remember to sterilize the glasses between each use to prevent cross-contamination. All safety glasses should include side shields to prevent debris and particles from entering getting around the frame.

SafeVision™ Provides High-Quality Safety Glasses

To get the best prescription safety glasses for your dental office SafeVision’s™ Corporate Program offers several options to choose from to best meet your needs. Regardless of which you choose, you will always get:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Personalized services
  • A certified optician
  • Easy online ordering and management