Make Vision Protection Your Goal While Playing Sports

Sports are fun, eye injuries are not. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors participating in sports like swimming, cycling, shooting, or golfing, the appropriate eye protection should be the main goal of preventing eye injuries.

Vision protection should not get pushed to the side, it’s priority one.

Prevent Eye Injuries and Protecting Your Vision

It should go without saying that participating in sports hosts its share of hazards from debris, equipment, and even hits from elbows. Take into consideration how safety glasses saved the vision of Mark Hackstadt when he was riding his bicycle through the park.

Wearing the correct safety eyewear for your sport will protect your vision as well as prevent slippage of the frame and fogging of the lenses, which can quickly become a safety hazard as well.

Different Lens Colors For Different Needs

Depending on your needs, your prescription or non-prescription safety eyewear can come in different lens colors. For example, if you are fishing, hunting, or cycling amber lenses may be your best choice to help judge distance and brighten your vision on a cloudy day.

No two lens colors are the same and each serves a different purpose. Consult the experts at SafeVision™ to find the best prescription action eyewear for your needs.

SafeVision™ is your go-to source for high-quality safety eyewear. Elevate your game with a professional prescription or non-prescription safety eyewear that meets ANSI certifications and other safety standards.

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