How Employers Can Protect Their Workers Wearing Contacts

Working in an industrial environment has its hazards. From UV radiation to chemical splashes, it is essential to protect employees’ eyes. For the many workers who wear contacts, there are extra precautions needed to keep their eyes safe. Here are three tips every employer should remember:

Contacts Are Not Personal Protective Equipment

Although you might physically have something covering your eye, that does not mean a thin contact completely protects your eye from projectiles, splashes, and particles. To keep everyone safe, OSHA requires workers to wear safety eyewear appropriate for their job. It also requires their employers to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect from workplace hazards that can cause injury. According to The American Optometric Association, “Contact lenses may be worn in some hazardous environments with appropriate covering safety eyewear. Contact lenses of themselves do not provide eye protection in the industrial sense.” Unprotected eyes wearing contact lenses are prone to infection and injury if foreign materials get under the contact. Therefore, wearing protective safety eyewear ensures the safety of all employees when working in an industrial environment.

Always Encourage Employees To Wear Safety Eyewear With Contacts

If you know your employees will be working on an industrial site, be sure to discuss the benefits of prescription safety eyewear over contacts, but don’t brush off contacts altogether. When paired with non-prescription safety eyewear, contacts can lend a higher range of view than prescription safety eyewear alone — for example, wearing contacts under full face masks when welding. If workers have a preference, work with them and your corporate safety program to find the best fit for eyes.

Discuss Workplace Safety With Your Team

It is essential for the employer always to discuss workplace safety with your team. Ensure your employees know how they can do their part in making the environment a safe place to work. When you consistently enforce PPE policies and lead by example, it encourages employees to wear safety eyewear in an industrial environment.

If employees complain about foggingslipping, or pinching, contact the experts at SafeVision™. Our experienced team will help you set up a corporate program to make finding and ordering high-quality safety eyewear for your industrial workplace easy and stress-free.

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