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Why Invest in a Protective Eyewear Program For Your Company?

If you run a business where your employees work with materials that could cause eye-injury, [...]

Five Things to Consider When Selecting Prescription Safety Glasses for Medical Workers

Just like all fields where you could encounter eye-damaging substances, the medical field is no [...]

Providing Prescription Safety Glasses for Employees at Multiple Locations

Are you responsible for managing the safety eyewear needs of employees in multiple branches or [...]

The Problem With Prescription Safety Eyewear

Ordering prescription safety eyewear can be a lot more difficult than regular eyewear. That's why [...]

Five Ways to Prevent Eye Injuries at Work

Every day, employees in the workplace face hazards that could cause eye injuries. Let's talk [...]

Why You Should Work with the SafeVision Corporate Program

A corporate program comes in handy because you have a representative working with you to [...]

October Is Eye Injury Prevention Month

October has been deemed Eye Injury Prevention Month by The American Academy of Ophthalmology. [...]

New Classic Safety Frames For Women

SafeVision and Pentax are here to announce the new and improved Classic 10, 11, & [...]

Creating a Basic Eye Safety Audit for the Workplace

One of the easiest ways to ensure the health and safety of your employee's vision [...]

Lens Treatment For Your Work Environment

When you shop for safety eyewear, there are many important points to consider. There’s the [...]

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