Why Invest in a Protective Eyewear Program For Your Company?

protective eyewear program

If you run a business where your employees work with materials that could cause eye-injury, you might want to consider investing in a protective eyewear program for your company.

This could include construction, medical, manufacturing, lawn care, and so much more.

Making sure that you and your employees are protected can keep work going smoothly and without injury, boosting productivity and morale on the job.

If you are on the fence about this decision, here are a few benefits of investing in a protective eyewear program for your company.

Customized Safety Eyewear Options

Every industry has different requirements for safety eyewear. What construction workers need will not be the same as what medical workers need, and what medical workers need will be different from what manufacturers need.

You know what you and your employees need to keep their eyes safe, and by investing in protective eyewear for your company, you are able to customize this protection to make sure it has everything you require, and nothing you don’t.

SafeVision by HOYA offers packaged program that can be tailored to meet the requirements of your work environment. Some examples include permanent vs removable side shields, sealed only options, and non-conductive only frames.

Maintaining Quality of Work

If you have ever worked without eye protection at a job where it was needed, you know that the measures you have to take to avoid eye injury can be distracting from your actual task.

Cheap, fit-over safety glasses can be uncomfortable and distracting when worn over the top of regular prescription glasses. Your employees may find them so cumbersome that they don’t wear them which can jeopardize their health and incur expensive OSHA violations. When you have prescription safety glasses tailored to each employee, this concern is alleviated, and your team can perform more effectively.

Consistent Pricing

Buying prescription safety glasses for many employees can sound daunting and expensive. That’s why SafeVision by HOYA offers convenient packaged pricing which includes ANSI Z87.1 rated frames, Rx lenses, coatings like anti-scratch or anti-fog, and polarized or photochromic options for UV-protection. Our programs ensure you get a competative price that’s consistent for all employees which makes budgeting a breeze.

Plus, your employees will have access to thousands of local eye care providers for professional fitting and ordering assistance.

Setting up a buying program for prescription safety glasses is easy with the assistance of our knowledgeable team and you’ll have streamlined invoicing with customer service support too!

OSHA Compliance

As a part of OSHA’s Eye and Face Protection requirements, employers are required to “ensure that each affected employee uses appropriate eye or face protection when exposed to eye or face hazards.”

Starting a prescription safety eyewear program for your company ensures you comply with this requirement, helps keep your employees safe and gives you the piece of mind knowing that they’re going to actually wear their protective eyewear.

According to the Vision Council, about 2,000 Americans suffer from eye injury while on the job annually!

Luckily, these injuries are widely avoidable with proper eye protection. Don’t let you or your employees become a part of this statistic.

Get More Info on SafeVision’s Corporate Safety Eyewear Programs

When you are ready to invest in safety eyewear for your company, SafeVision is here to help.

Our corporate programs are curated specifically for your company’s needs, with simple package pricing, streamlined billing, access to thousands of local eye care professionals, and customer support to help set up and manage your program.

Don’t wait, keep you and your employees safe: Learn more about our corporate programs today.

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