How to Encourage Employees to Wear Safety Eyewear

industrial workers wearing safety gear

We all know that PPE, such as safety eyewear, is essential for the health and safety of workers in many industries. Unfortunately, many employees still don’t wear safety eyewear even with corporate PPE policies in place for several reasons:

  • They cannot see clearly in them.
  • The glasses fog up in certain conditions.
  • They are uncomfortable, especially if worn for long periods.
  • They do not fit properly.

While these may seem like big issues, many don’t know that there is eyewear out there that can solve all of these problems. Workers don’t want to purchase a pair of eyewear that will break easily, scratch on the lens, or fall off because they are too big. When you shop custom for your frame, prescription lens, and any other additional tints or lens coatings, it makes all the difference. SafeVision can help you say goodbye to eye fatigue and discomfort for all employees. Then you can encourage them to wear safety eyewear at work with the help of these tips.

Consistently Enforce Policies

PPE policies are designed for the workplace to minimize hazards. When companies don’t consistently enforce these policies, it can confuse workers to think that not everyone needs to do it. Therefore, most opt-out of the safety precautions. Remind your employees of the PPE policies by:

  • Publishing them in the employee handbook.
  • Holding educational PPE policy and safety classes.
  • Training supervisors on how to consistently and fairly enforce PPE policies.

By ensuring every employee is aware of both old and new policies and why they are in place, they will understand why they should always be wearing the PPE gear.

Educate Employees

It is essential to educate your employees as to why your company has specific PPE policies in place. Making them aware of the benefits, such as UV protection, reducing injuries, or developing cataracts, can show them why they should wear protective eyewear. When employees know why a policy is in place, they are more likely to follow protocol. But if you were to hand them the eyewear, they might not understand the importance of consistently wearing them. Educate your employees in a respectful and meaningful manner.

Lead By Example

When the head of your company doesn’t wear safety eyewear, why would the workers think they should? Having those in charge lead by example and follow all of the safety guidelines will show employees that they should wear their safety eyewear, too. It doesn’t matter what position you are in in the company; everyone should set a good example and encourage others to follow suit to ensure total safety.

Fit Employees For Safety Glasses & Give Them Options

Safety eyewear should never be a one-size-fits-all product. No one face or head is the same, so our eyewear shouldn’t be either. If an employee complains about their eyewear, it is essential that a company listens and addresses the issues. Maybe it is time to consider new eyewear for all your employees that are more fit for their job and personal needs. When you ignore these issues, it can lead to employees not wearing the protective eyewear, putting their safety at risk.

Another reason many workers might not wear safety eyewear is that they think it is too expensive, and they cannot afford a pair that fits their needs. But when they are wearing inferior eyewear, it can lead to eyestrain and other discomforts that will discourage employees from wearing them. Thankfully, SafeVision has a corporate program that makes safety eyewear available and affordable for all. There are multiple frames, lenses, and coating options available, so every employee will have a pair that fits their needs and personal style. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about how SafeVision can help encourage your employees to wear safety eyewear today.


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