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When you shop for safety eyewear, there are many important points to consider. There’s the frame style and color, but one of the most important parts of your safety eyewear is the lens treatment for your work environment. 

When you are choosing your lenses, consider where you will be wearing them. If you are purchasing this pair of eyewear for your job, think about the hazards surrounding you daily. These hazards can help you determine which type of treatments to consider for your lenses. If you are unfamiliar with the options, stick around, we are going to detail a few of them below. 

Lens Treatments to Consider For Your Work Environment


When you expose your eyes to the sun, the ultraviolet rays can lead to vision problems over time, especially when you are working on a job site outside. These problems include cataracts and retinal damage. But one way to reduce the possibility of these problems is by purchasing eyewear with lenses with UV protection. The AAO recommends getting lenses with 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays or UV400. This coating will protect your eyes during any season when the sun is shining. 


For those sitting at a computer all day during work, getting their lenses with blue light protection is a smart idea. This coating can prevent dry eye and eyestrain when you focus on electronic screens for long periods. 


For those who work in an environment with many reflective materials, getting the anti-reflective coating is very helpful. Typically applied to both sides of the lens, this lens reduces the amount of light reflected off of surfaces and can increase the contrast to help users see. In addition, this coating enables you to get the maximum light from your surroundings without the interference from the light that bounces off your lenses. The anti-reflective coating is beneficial for those who drive at night and can reduce the reflections from headlights, and they are also helpful for those who work on computers. 


When the weather is warm in the summer, it is easy for lenses to fog when switching from inside to outside or humidity to air conditioning. Or, if you live in a warm climate, it can get annoying when you come into the heat from the cold. The fogging can become a safety issue by limiting your ability to see. When you apply the anti-fog coating, it eliminates the condensation of moisture on your lenses. This coating is beneficial for police officers or first responders in emergencies. 

All Options Offered By SafeVision

When you work with our experts at SafeVision, we can help determine which lens treatments are most beneficial depending on your work environment. Our team will help educate you on which lens treatments will benefit you the most. We will keep you and your worker’s eyes safe no matter what the job is. Talk with one of our representatives about our lens treatment options, corporate programs, and pricing. To learn more about our framing and style options, view the PDFs in our safety frames tab for Pentax or Wiley X

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