If a worker is suffering from an eye injury, it’s most likely due to improper eye protection or lack of any eye protection at all. Many people do not realize the importance of eye protection in the workplace. Potential hazards can be avoided simply by covering your eyes. Here are the top five reasons why you need to wear safety glasses.

Protect Against Foreign Objects Or Debris

Safety glasses can prevent foreign objects or debris from damaging your vision. Dangerous particles or chemicals could be floating around in your workplace. Construction, welding, maintenance, mining, and other dangerous jobs can harm your vision. Dirt, dust, pollen, and wood can irritate your eyes and cause long-lasting damage.

Protect Against Extremely Bright Or Unsafe Lights

Safety glasses could save your eyes from the harmful effects of high-intensity lights. These lights can come in many different forms and are used for everyday tasks such as motorcycles, cars, welding torches, lasers, and more. Wearing safety goggles will help protect you against these bright light sources that may

Preventing Eye Illnesses

Many computer-related jobs require that you stare at a monitor for hours on end. When the light from your computer enters and reflects off of your eye, it can cause fatigue in the eyes or even lead to vision loss. The most common eye illness caused by computers is called Computer Vision Syndrome, which can lead to pain in the eyes and blurred vision. The best way to prevent this from happening is by wearing glasses while you are on a computer for long periods of time.

They’re Now Fashion-Friendly

Many people do not wear safety glasses because they feel that the limited styling options are unattractive. However, there is a wide selection of styles to choose from and many companies offer customized frames with your company’s logo on them! You can have bright colors or subdued tones.

Protection Against Chemicals and Pesticides

Chemicals and pesticides can be dangerous to your eyes. They can cause inflammation, a condition in which the eye swells and becomes red as well as blurry vision. If you work with chemicals or pesticides on a regular basis, then it is important that you wear safety glasses because they decrease the risk of having an allergic reaction to those products

Don’t rely on your own sunglasses or prescription glasses to protect your eyes from harm. Wearing properly designed safety glasses will help prevent all potential hazards. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of safety glasses or how to find the right pair for you, we invite you to contact us today so that our professional staff can assist you with all of your safety glasses needs.