Enhance Your Style With SafeVision Prescription Eyewear

smiling industrial worker wearing safety gear

When purchasing a pair of prescription safety eyewear, we want to look good in them, not ugly. Fortunately, that’s not something our customers have to worry about when shopping at SafeVision.

We offer a wide variety of frames that come in various colors, styles, and sizes. So not only will your new pair of prescription safety eyewear be stylish, but your eyes will be protected as well.

Prescription Safety Eyewear

Since all of our frames meet or exceed ANSI impact resistance standards for both high mass and high velocity you can rest assured your preferred style is also a safe choice. To ensure you’re picking safety eyewear that’s best suited to protect against the particular hazards of your job it’s always best to seek out your EHS (environmental health & safety) manager. We offer non-conductive frames, goggles to protect against fine dust or chemical splashes, and even stainless steel designs for those needing a hypoallergenic option.

Frames For Men and Women

For many women, finding PPE designed for their features can be challenging. That’s not a problem at SafeVision. We have frames for both men and women to keep them stylish and safe while on the job or while taking on projects at home. Plus, as we mentioned, we have fun colors to fit any personality.

Show Employees They Can Look Good & Be Safe

Many employees will say they don’t wear their safety eyewear because they don’t fit right or look ugly when they wear them. When you purchase safety eyewear from SafeVision, our optical expertise and wide selection of options will help ensure your employees find the right style and fit so they’re comfortable in any environment. Plus, our eyewear will keep them looking cool while on the job, making it a lot easier to encourage and convince your employees to wear their pair when they look good and feel good in them.

Look Stylish All Day Long

No matter what frame or color you go for, you’ll know that while participating in your everyday activities, or new activities, you will feel stylish and be safe. Our eyewear can be transitional during your day. You can wear them on the job, on the field, on a hike, or in the car. You can wear them inside or outside, in the heat or the snow. When combined, our lens coatings, side shields, and sturdy frames are sure to keep you looking stylish no matter what you are doing. We offer prescriptions in polarized lenses for sunglasses; lenses with blue light filtering coatings for those who are on the computer all day; spring hinges on several frame styles for a more comfortable fit when dawning or doffing their glasses and removable side shields with most options. Our selection is sure you enhance your safety and style.

Enhance Your Style With SafeVision Today

Visit www.safevision.com to review our frame selection and to get in contact with our team to help your company set up a program to fit all your employees. We work with a vast network of independent eye care professionals to help you find a location that’s near your job site. We own our own state-of-the-art prescription optical lab that ensures your employees get the best quality lenses, treatments, and quick turn time too. As the foremost manufacturer of prescription safety eyewear in North America, we can help both single location and multiple location businesses provide the best quality prescription safety eyewear for their employees.

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