Safety Eyewear She’ll Love This Valentine’s Day

Serenity safety glasses

When it comes to personal protection equipment (PPE) in the workplace, it’s not often that women’s sizes or styles are kept in mind. However, at SafeVision we have a variety of ladies’ prescription safety eyewear frames that will fit your style and keep you protected. All our eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for high mass/velocity impacts, optical clarity, and coverage. So let your significant other know you’ve noticed how hard they work and show them you care about their safety this Valentine’s Day by choosing from our top ladies picks:

PENTAX Frames For Your Valentine

1) Classic 11

The Classic 11 frames come with a black front and red temples or a green tortoise color making them a statement piece that will add color to any outfit. They are a simple-styled frame that she will be sure to love. They also come with removable side shields to keep her eyes safe.

Classic 11 Valentines Day

2) Classic 12

The Classic 12 frame will give your significant other a more artistic look with the brown horn or blue marble-colored frames. This pair of eyewear is sure to bring out her eyes and bring a fun look to her wardrobe, all while keeping them protected. The Classic 12 is a really fun pair we know she will like!

Classic 12 Valentine's Day

3) Classic 56

This frame has the description in the name, classic. The Classic 56 frame is worn with any outfit and any style. They come in three colors, including black, demi, and tortoise. They are sure to keep your significant other looking professional.


4) Attitude 6

A more sophisticated look with a tough, stainless-steel frame. But tough doesn’t have to be brutish! These frames come in a soft, matte-violet with pink temples or an earthy matte-brown with ocean-colored temples. They’re also hypoallergenic and designed to fit smaller heads.

Attitude 6 Valentine's Day

WileyX Frames For Your Valentine

1) WX Serenity

An effortless combination of form, fit, and function, the WX Serenity merges premium protection and crystal clear vision with a female-centric look and feel. The WX Serenity frames are the perfect touch of red to add to any outfit. They also come in brown and black, but we suggest the red if you’re looking to keep it fun. This frame has a nice square shape and is sure to keep anyone looking stylish.

Serenity Valentine's Day2) WX Virtue

The WX Virtue is a popular choice for anyone with an eye for contemporary design and a need for job site protection. The women-specific frame offers a comfortable fit with a subtle feminine flair. This frame by Wiley X is part of the WorkSight series and is excellent for any woman who loves a good ruby red-colored frame. The WX Virtues also come in back and midnight blue and are the perfect square frame for office work. Whether she needs them to protect her eyes from blue light, or flying projectiles, she will be protected with style.


3) WX Sleek

Designed to fit comfortably on smaller head sizes, the WX Sleek is exactly that. A sleek, durable frame with a classically rectangular lens, built to provide the highest level of protection available. If you’re significant other likes the color purple, then she’s in luck. The WX Sleek frames from Wiley X are a darker matte violet-colored square frame that comes with a removable facial cavity seal that will keep them comfy and cool. This frame is a sportier look and is part of the climate control series, so she can wear them when she’s outdoors all year long!


4) WX Fusion

With its sophisticated, unisex design and lightweight comfort, the WX Fusion is a masterful blend of protection, fit and optical clarity that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards when worn with the included removable side shields. WX Fusion comes in four colors, including matte black, gold with pink temples, matte rose gold and matte silver. These are perfect for someone who doesn’t want a heavy frame but needs to protect their eyes. These are also perfect for someone who likes a little bit of color but not too much.


Whether they are from PENTAX or Wiley X, all of these frames make for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because they keep on giving. They will bring style and color to any wardrobe and protect her vision, which means she will clearly see those she loves!

To shop any of these frames, visit our website at and talk to a team member about purchasing the right frames for your Valentine.

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