Our Top Picks: The Best Safety Eyewear for Strong Prescriptions

Our Top Picks: The Best Safety Eyewear for Strong Prescriptions

If you have a strong prescription, you know how hard it can be to find frames that work for you. With the need for thicker, more complex lenses, you may be wondering, is it possible for you to find safety eyewear that will fit your prescription? The answer is—yes! Just like your everyday eyeglasses, safety eyewear can incorporate almost any prescription. No matter your prescription, your safety glasses will maintain their safety features, you don’t have to choose between having clear vision and having protected eyes. To help you find the best pair for your prescription and safety needs, here are our top safety eyewear picks for those with strong prescriptions—

Pentax D490

Our Top Picks: The Best Safety Eyewear for Strong PrescriptionsIf you are looking for a sturdy, flat frame to hold your strong prescription lenses, Pentax D490 is a wonderful option. These ANSI-Z87.1 high impact rated frames offer wide, rectangular lenses that are able to safely accommodate most any lens thickness. This light but durable pair with its removable side shields will hold your strong prescription lenses in place with minimal protrusion and maximum comfort. It is no wonder that Pentax D490 has been one of our top sellers for people with all kinds of prescriptions for years.

Our Top Picks: The Best Safety Eyewear for Strong PrescriptionsPentax Classic 56

For someone with a strong prescription who needs a wide range of vision, Pentax Classic 56 is the perfect choice. These flat, strong frames feature integrated permanent side shields and thick temple pieces, creating a solid barrier to protect your eyes. The lenses are wide, giving you a large vision range and optimal eye coverage. This stylish and protective pair is ANSI-Z87.1 high impact rated, so you can rest assured that these will stand up to nearly anything.

SafeVision Uverse

Our Top Picks: The Best Safety Eyewear for Strong PrescriptionsLooking for safety glasses with a wrap style frame but afraid that your strong prescription lenses won’t fit? SafeVision Uverse is the perfect option for you. These frames hold all of the benefits of a wrap-around frame without the extreme lens curvature that does not accommodate thick lenses well. This thick and sturdy frame has a minimal front curvature that will perfectly hold your strong prescription lenses, with broad, integrated side shields that mimic the temples of a true wrap-around frame. These will create that strong, solid, ANSI-Z87.1 high impact rated barrier you want from a wrap-around frame with the ability to accommodate your strong prescription lenses.

SafeVision EchoOur Top Picks: The Best Safety Eyewear for Strong Prescriptions

If you are looking for a classic, bold look with top-of-the-line ANSI Z87.1 high impact protection to comfortably and safely hold your strong prescription lenses? The SafeVision Echo is definitely the best choice for you. These are a timeless and comfortable frame with wide lenses for a large range of vision, and a perfect shape to accommodate your strong prescription lenses. The permanently attached side shields create a strong barrier, which help protect your eyes from debris. These safety glasses are perfect for work and everyday wear, no matter your prescription.

You should never have to choose between your prescription and your protection. Having the right prescription in your safety glasses is an additional level of safety, as it allows you to see and work clearly without the disruption of squinting or having to wear both prescription glasses and fit-over safety glasses. These all-in-one prescription safety eyewear options are the best way of keeping your eyes as protected. Want to see more? Our catalog is extensive and features a wide variety of safety eyewear to choose from. To browse our excellent selection, visit our online catalog here.

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