Day to Night, Work to Play: Four of Our Most Versatile Prescription Safety Glasses

When you think of safety eyewear, you most likely think of thick plastic frames with side guards and seals, or big goggles with an elastic strap. Though these are types of safety eyewear (and very effective ones at that!), you would probably only wear them in situations you think they are needed, like construction work, shop work, or lawncare. What you may not know is that safety glasses can take many forms, including frames that look like normal eyeglasses, and can be useful in everyday tasks at work, home, or anywhere else. With prescription safety glasses, you can even wear them full-time, maintaining both your style and your protection. To give you a good idea of what everyday safety glasses can do and look like, here are four of our most versatile safety glasses—

Pentax Classic 4

Don’t let the sleek, modern, everyday look of Pentax Classic 4 fool you; this pair offers reliable, ANSI-Z87.1 high impact protection with a stylish twist. These mixed material frames are perfect for someone who needs strong front and side protection while at work, and a comfortable, lightweight and bold look on the go. The side shields are detachable, so these glasses go from protective equipment to stylish vision correctors. These are perfect for everyday wear, whether you are working hard at the jobsite, or out on the town with your friends.

Pentax Gamma

With a classic, refined look and strong, secure protection, Pentax Gamma is perfect for the full-time eyeglass wearer. If you work in the medical field, a creative pursuit, or any other occupation where you may be exposed to debris or impact, this pair has you covered. With large, curved polycarbonate side shields, you will receive multi-angle eye protection that meets ANSI-Z87.1 standards to keep you safe. The sharply-curved ear pieces (aka temple tips) and adjustable nose pads will give you a secure fit at all times, ensuring that your protection stays in place. When you are done with work, simply remove the side shields, and you have an elegant pair of glasses to show off your classy side wherever you go.

Pentax Classic 12

Keeping your eyes protected has never looked so good. With its stylish cat-eye design and fun color options, the Pentax Classic 12 will have you looking your best while making sure your eyes have the optimum protection. This pair’s wide lenses and durable polycarbonate side shields create coverage around your eyes to help keep you safe from intruding objects. Made from lightweight materials for a comfortable fit all day and night. Show your true colors and keep your eyes safe all day with this fun, fresh, and versatile pair.

Pentax Classic 11

Stay bold and protected with the stylish Pentax Classic 11. These frames offer wide lenses for a large range of vision. With the rounded rectangular lenses, this pair is the perfect option for those with strong prescriptions in need of safety eyewear. The eye-catching pop of color on the temple pieces gives an extra stylish boost to these bold frames. With removable side shields, this pair boasts both style and reliable practicality for a seamless transition between work, home, and play.

Having prescription safety glasses that you wear full time can significantly reduce your risk of suffering eye injuries, which can happen unexpectedly in situations you might not consider harmful. These all-in-one prescription safety glasses are a great way to protect your eye health and maintain your personal style. Interested and looking for more? Our online catalog offers a wide variety of versatile safety glasses for you to choose from, all ANSI Z87.1 high impact resistant for optimal protection. To find your next pair, visit our online shop here.

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