3 Tips for Selecting A Prescription Safety Eyewear Program

Purchasing prescription safety eyewear can be a daunting task, but SafeVision understands your needs and objectives. In this blog, we explore what to consider when seeking a partner for your company’s safety eyewear program.

Hidden Costs

Hidden costs can be a huge turnoff for any buyer. Companies have different plans for purchasing prescription safety eyewear, and not all of them will be an appropriate fit for all budgets. The cost of prescription eyewear is broken down into the three parts of the eyewear: the frame cost, the lens, and additional lens treatments. These can include coatings like anti-reflective, scratch resistance or anti-fog. Straightforward and simplified pricing makes selecting SafeVision as a partner for your program clear choice.

At SafeVision, we use the best lens materials like Trivex and Polycarbonate, meeting the highest standards of durability and safety in lens material. Unlike other manufactures, top quality lens materials are standard, not an option that arrives with an upcharge. Why? Because superior protection is not optional. Beware of eyewear providers who promise lower prices to discover lower-quality plastic lenses.

Before selecting any safety eyewear program, ask about the hidden costs.

Robot Dispensing

Robot dispensing allows companies to mass-produce products in the shortest amount of time. The lack of human oversite allows flaws in manufacturing to be overlooked, producing poor quality eyewear.

SafeVision’s process significantly improves quality, reduces returns and repairs, and cuts down on program management time and inconvenience. Our associates produce the highest quality prescription safety eyewear. This dedication to excellence has made it easy for SafeVision customers to choose our products over and over again for their company’s safety eyewear program.

Optics: Our Number One

While we know that eye safety and cost are of utmost importance, making sure those who wear our prescription safety eyewear can see to the best of their ability is a top priority at SafeVision. To achieve this, we use the latest and best technology of MEI EzFit equipment in our lab to ensure your co-worker’s safety while wearing our eyewear. MEI EzFit brings expanded capabilities to the SafeVision lab, including greater versatility, faster service, and higher quality and accuracy while ensuring the lens fits perfectly with your employee’s prescription.

When you purchase from SafeVision, you are making a smart, cost-effective, and safe decision. What more could you ask for when it comes to prescription safety eyewear?


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