Prevent Eye Injuries While Working at Home

With our summer routines and traditions thrown off, we are spending more time at home. People are looking to stay busy, and a rise in DIY home improvements has submerged. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, every year, almost 50% of the estimated 2.5 million eye injuries occur at home, with most common sites being the garage or the yard. Since it only takes a split-second to impair your vision for life, reduce the potential eye injuries at home by following these five simple tips when working on your DIY projects.

1. Wear Safety Goggles to Protect Your Eyes When Working Outdoors

If you are working on a home improvement project that involves the use of hazardous chemicals or sharp tools, be sure to wear some form of safety eyewear. Whether that be glasses or goggles, you can avoid irreparable damage to your eyes during yard work, cleaning, or other home projects.

2. Follow the Instructions for Safe Handling of Tools & Chemicals

Every year, 125,000 eye injuries occur from household chemicals such as lime dust, detergents, cleaners, or bleach. When using these products, make sure you are wearing protective eyewear, the area is well-ventilated, and you are not touching your eyes after exposure to your skin. If an eye injury still occurs, flush your eyes with water for 20 minutes to wash the chemicals away, and immediately seek medical attention.

3. Inspect the Yard Before You Start

Before you mow the lawn or trim the weeds, it is important to scan your yard for any dirt or debris you can remove. Debris includes branches, twigs, thorns, and other loose yard scraps that might fly up into your eyes. It is also smart to wear safety eyewear to prevent unknown injuries as well.

4. Maintain Power Tools and Store them Safely When not in Use

Make sure you keep all power tools and chemicals out of reach from small children. Screws, nails, and sharp hand tools can shoot off accidentally. Power tools can also propel dirt and debris into the air, leading to serious eye injuries that might invite a medical emergency. So make sure they are adequately stored and in working condition.

5. Wash Hands Thoroughly after Completing a Task

Remember to wash your hands after you have completed any work before you touch your face or eyes to eliminate the possibility of any debris or chemicals contacting your eyes.

Stay safe, wear your safety eyewear, and have fun with your DIY projects!

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