Why Prescription Safety Eyewear Is Different Than Other PPE


Did you know that nonprescription safety glasses cannot be fitted with prescription lenses? They may seem similar since they both have to meet certain ANSI Z87.1 standards and often look very similar. But make no mistake, prescription safety eyewear lenses are designed to be customized for not only your Rx but also to fit specific lens retention systems for different frames. That means both the lenses and the frames are marked per ANSI standards when it comes to prescription eyewear.

SafeVision is a division of one of the world’s largest ophthalmic companies, HOYA. As such, our expertise is prescription safety eyewear. We take pride in testing ALL aspects of our prescription safety eyewear. So, let’s delve into some of the many options we offer for designing customized prescription safety eyewear.

Lens materials: Most nonprescription safety eyewear is made with polycarbonate lenses only. While at SafeVision we offer both polycarbonate and the more superior Trivex lens material. In fact, we have our own brand of Trivex known as Phoenix. This material is not only high-impact rated per ANSI but also offers 100% UV protection, better scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and reduced birefringence. What is birefringence? Simply put, it’s when light is bent by highly curved lenses that can create a rainbow-like haze at the edges. Highly curved lenses are common with sporty style safety frames that wrap around your head. Making this a more common problem with safety eyewear in particular.

Lens designs: For those who don’t already wear prescription glasses, there are a wide variety of lens designs that meet different vision correction needs. Often, for those that need vision correction, there is a progression from single vision/power, to bifocal, to trifocal or progressive addition lenses. But SafeVision also offers double segment bifocals for pilots, mechanics, etc. who may need to focus on things near at hand both below and above their head. Additionally, we offer sophisticated progressive designs and even an ergonomic design that heightens the intermediate or near focus beyond standard progressive designs.

Lens treatments: Tinted lenses are available for those looking to reduce intense sunlight. Polarized lenses are often darker, but more importantly, they reduce hazardous glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow, and even the road. Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to sunlight and clear upon entering indoors. These are great for those who go from inside to outside frequently and don’t want to carry a clear pair and a pair of sunglasses. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of coatings including anti-fog, smudge-resistant, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, anti-reflective, and blue light-absorbing.

Lens retention system (frames): When it comes to safety frames there are different ways to design them to hold the lenses. Nonprescription safety frames are not designed to allow for the lenses to be removed after manufacturing them. So look for “Rx ready” safety frames which are. At SafeVision we’ve tested all of our lens retention systems to ensure any of our customized prescription lenses will properly with any of our safety frames. Some of these lens retention systems include grooved and eye wires.

Your prescription: At our state-of-the-art optical laboratory we ensure that your prescription flawlessly integrates with the vast array of options we’ve mentioned so far. Clear, corrected vision is, of course, the most important thing when it comes to safety eyewear. So working with an organization like SafeVision ensures your prescription safety eyewear not only meets standards but also offers the best quality vision correction.

Shop SRx Eyewear at SafeVision!

Our wide selection of safety prescription eyewear allows wearers multiple styles between our PENTAX and Wiley X collections. Shop our styles online and reach out to one of our representatives on how you can purchase a pair of SRx eyewear that fits your needs. SafeVision by HOYA is best known for helping organizations manage safety eyewear programs for their employees. So if your business needs help procuring prescription safety eyewear be sure to contact us today!

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