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Understanding Anti-Reflective and Blue Light Filtering Lens Coatings in Prescription Safety Glasses

In our digital age, our eyes are constantly exposed to various forms of light that [...]

Can Safety Glasses Help Prevent Or Slow Down Cataract Development?

Cataracts, which occur when the eyes’ natural lenses clouds over, greatly diminish one’s vision and [...]

Cataracts And Eye Protection: Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Cataracts are an incredibly common eye condition – particularly as you get older. In fact, [...]

True Or False: 4 Eye Injury Misconceptions Dispelled

At SafeVision, we are serious about the safety of your eyes in the home and [...]

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy During The Winter

Winter is a hard time for our bodies. Dry, cold air chaps our skin and [...]

Why Prescription Safety Eyewear Is Different Than Other PPE

Did you know that prescription safety eyewear is different than other PPE? If you didn't, [...]

Protecting Your Eyes At The Office

Working at an office versus in an industrial environment, you might think your eyes are [...]

How Safety Eyewear Has Changed Over Time

Since its beginning, circa 1880, protective safety eyewear has significantly evolved. The patented “eye protector” [...]

Five Ways to Prevent Eye Injuries at Work

Every day, employees in the workplace face hazards that could cause eye injuries. Let's talk [...]

Protecting Your Eyes This Fall

With fall activities come a variety of eye-related safety hazards. Here are some common ways [...]

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