How To Care For Your Prescription Eyewear


Humans get a sense of joy when we purchase something new, especially when we’ve spent a good amount of money on a quality product such as prescription safety eyewear. But once we’ve got that pair of eyewear, it’s important to take care of them, so it continues to bring us joy and protect us. Here’s how you should care for your prescription safety eyewear.

How To Care For Your Prescription Eyewear

Clean Them Regularly

Cleaning your eyewear daily is a simple way to keep them in the best shape. But, did you know, that cleaning your eyewear with your shirt or paper towels can damage the expensive coatings? Your shirt might be dirty and contain small amounts of debris, oils, etc. that can scratch the lenses. Similarly, paper towels, which are made from wood pulp, and contain imperceptibly small wood pieces can also rub away coatings.

A better option is to use a microfiber cleaning cloth which comes standard with all orders from our optical laboratory. However, these get dirty over time and should be frequently replaced.

The best way to clean your expensive pair of glasses is by using a lens cleaning solution with a microfiber cleaning cloth. A lens cleaning solution is often more convenient when you’re on the job site, but you can also use cool water with a mild dish detergent as well.

Always avoid any caustic cleaners, household cleaners, or cloths made of materials other than microfiber. Why are household products like window cleaner problematic? They contain ammonia which can compromise the structural integrity and clarity of polycarbonate. Most safety eyewear is made with polycarbonate lenses, side shields and/or frames.

Lastly, it’s also wise to apply an anti-fog spray to your lenses to keep them from fogging. However, not all anti-fog sprays are designed to work with prescription eyewear. Surprisingly, some can damage the expense coatings on prescription lenses so be sure to read the label! If you need a quality anti-fog spray that you can be confident applying to your lenses then visit our shop online at where we sell our own anti-fog spray designed to work with all materials and coatings.

Check for Damage & Securely Store

Like any product, safety eyewear can start to show signs of wear. Be sure to inspect your eyewear daily for any cracks or broken parts. You don’t want a small crack being the source of less protection if an accident should occur. When wearing your eyewear, consider attaching a strap or neck cord to prevent them from falling when you take them off. Furthermore, a neck cord will keep your eyewear readily available and out of harm’s way if set somewhere else.

When you’re not wearing your safety eyewear, keep them in a safe storage place, such as a microfiber pouch or a hard case. All SafeVision prescription orders come with a pouch or case to help you keep your investment secure.

Replace Your Eyewear When Needed

If you do spot any damage to your safety eyewear, it is essential that you do not keep wearing them and you replace them as soon as possible. Damaged eyewear is a safety hazard and can lead to impaired vision while on the job. In fact, even a minor crack means they no longer meet OSHA standards and an inspector will promptly ask that they be replaced to ensure your safety. We recommend replacing your prescription safety eyewear yearly to ensure your prescription is up to date and your vision is at its best while wearing your eyewear.

Shop Safety Eyewear From SafeVision

At SafeVision, we have a wide selection of safety eyewear. We’ve got a pair that will suit your needs no matter what industry. We also have a great selection of anti-fog sprays, wipes, and other accessories to keep your safety eyewear at its best. Visit our online store at or check out our frames from PENTAX or Wiley X.

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