What Is Action Eyewear & Why Do I Need It?

“You’ll shoot your eye out!”, This famous line from A Christmas Story has stuck with us all of these years as a source of humor, and a warning. Ralphie Parker, the main character, does indeed “shoot his eye out”, as foretold by his mother in the film.

Ralphie’s mother was correct, though! Without the right safety protection, your eyes can become injured while in the field shooting, fishing, or swimming. At SafeVision™, our action eyewear is designed to protect your eyes from injury while enjoying the great outdoors.

SafeVision™ Action Eyewear Is Designed For Sports

Action eyewear is designed for sports and other activities to stay on your face while remaining comfortable for all-day wear. These safety glasses come in lightweight materials that will not weigh you down or slip when you need them most.

Keep Your Eyes Safe From Impact & Debris

No matter what you are doing outside, there is a chance that a stray rock or other pieces of debris will get kicked up. From cycling, baseball, to swimming, action eyewear is designed to keep your eyes safe from impact and debris. Our eyewear is safety rated and OSHA compliant for impact, splashes, and particles.

Get The Best Fit & Styles At SafeVision™

At SafeVision™, we ensure that you will get the best fit and style of safety glasses. Our MEI EzFit technology allows us to offer a wide variety of lens sizes and frame combinations. Whether you require prescription or non-prescription lenses, the professionals at SafeVision™ will work with you to find the best safety glasses and action eyewear for your needs.

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