Keep The Fog Away: Face Masks & Your Prescription Safety Glasses

To keep each other safe in the COVID era, wearing face masks has become a necessity. Whether we are essential workers or just needing to go to work or the grocery, wearing face masks can be a hassle with glasses. Fogging is a common complaint.

To combat fogging there are many solutions people have tried, from adjusting their glasses further down their nose to foregoing their glasses altogether.

Fogging Glasses Is A Dangerous Distraction

When working in an environment such as manufacturing or even at home, safety glasses are an important piece of safety equipment. They prevent our eyes from becoming injured or strained while working on the computer or on that DIY home project.

When we wear face masks with our glasses, fogging is a dangerous distraction that obscures our vision and forces us to stop and regularly wipe them down. Anti-fog prevents this annoyance, making working in indoor or outdoor environments safer.

There Are Many Anti-Fog Solutions On The Market

There are many anti-fogging solutions on the market today that consumers use on their everyday prescription glasses and safety glasses, including anti-fog wipes. While these methods are effective in keeping fogging at bay while wearing face masks, they are temporary and must be reapplied.

These methods can get tiring quickly, as you have to remember to not only bring these wipes with you every day but apply them to your safety glasses. It can also get hard on the wallet and the environment since disposable wipes are not environmentally friendly.

SafeVision™ Provides High-Quality, Permanent Anti-Fog Solutions

For a permanent anti-fogging solution while wearing face masks with your prescription safety glasses, choose anti-fog lenses from SafeVision™. Anti-fog lenses provide the following benefits:

  • Managing environmental changes that cause lenses to “sweat”
  • Increasing visibility while working, driving, and even walking
  • Reducing frustration that may lead to foregoing safety glasses altogether

Our anti-fog lenses are designed to work in both indoor and outdoor environments and can be added to any of our prescription safety glasses. In addition, our frames are custom fitted to you to prevent excess tightness and gaps that can contribute to fogging. It also means no more digging, pinching, and slipping. Get started on your order of high-quality anti-fog prescription safety glasses from SafeVision™ today!

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