Say No To Ugly Prescription Safety Eyewear!

Who wants to wear ugly safety eyewear? I guarantee that you don’t want to!

SafeVision™ safety eyewear is available in many styles and colors, including styles for the home, office, sports, specialty and utility. Choosing the right safety eyewear for your needs and face shape will result in safety eyewear that looks and feels great.

Employees Will Be More Open To Wearing Safety Glasses

We know that not wearing safety glasses because they are “ugly” sounds odd, but it is true. Ugly, uncomfortable safety eyewear puts employees off from wearing them in the workplace, despite the dangers.

When prescription safety eyewear is comfortable and stylish, employees will be more receptive to wearing them. In the workplace, be sure to encourage employees to wear safety eyewear by:

  • Consistently enforcing safety policies
  • Educating employees about the benefits of safety eyewear
  • Leading by example

SafeVision™ Prescription Safety Glasses Are Safety-Rated

Our safety eyewear is safety-rated, meaning they are OSHA compliant and ANSI rated. We want to give you the best safety eyewear on the market. That is why our safety eyewear goes through rigorous testing for safety and compliance.

Get Your Custom Prescription Safety Glasses Today!

Eye protection is not a one size fits all solution. Custom prescription safety eyewear is designed to fit you and your unique face shape. For example, we carry women’s, children’s and Asian fit prescription safety eyewear. If your current safety eyewear is sitting too low on your face, sliding down your nose, or feels too narrow or tight, we have the right fit for you.

Our professionals at SafeVision will work with you to get the best fit on your glasses with a style that you love. Contact SafeVision today to get started.

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