Why Do So Many Customers Love Doing Business With SafeVision™?

At SafeVision™, we work hard to provide our customers with prescription safety glasses that are not only safe but look good. We are hardly the only company in the market and with so many competitors, why do customers choose us at their top choice when it comes to purchasing safety glasses?

It’s easy!

SafeVision™ Offers A High-Quality Selection Of Prescription Safety Glasses

SafeVision™ is unique in that we offer a wide range of high-quality safety glasses in different styles. Our customers can easily say “no” to unflattering safety glasses. So whether you need safety glasses for your home office to prevent digital eye strain, glasses for cycling, or welding, SafeVision™ has what you need!

SafeVision™ Pays Close Attention To Detail & Safety

We care about the safety of your eyes. Our prescription safety glasses are OSHA compliant, and ANSI rated for the highest standards of safety. All of our glasses and spectacle kits are tested for high-velocity impact, liquid splashes, large and small particles, and more.

SafeVision™ stays abreast of industry safety standards, ensuring that you are getting the safest prescription safety glasses on the market.

SafeVision™ Provides Personalized Services

Whether you are an individual purchasing safety glasses or a company looking for PPE for your employees, SafeVision has you covered. Thanks to our size, we offer personalized services with one-on-one customer service and a quick turnaround.

If you are a company, we offer different corporate programs to meet your needs. Each program provides a certified optician to answer your questions and customize your corporate eye safety plan.

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