Top 5 Best Selling Women’s Safety Glasses

Safety eyewear is for everyone who needs it, regardless of your gender. Women have long been in lines of work that require eye protection, whether it be construction, medical work, artistic work, or any other job where eye injuries could take place. All safety eyewear is able to be worn by any gender, but to help the ladies find their best pair, here are the top 5 best-selling safety glasses preferred by women.

Pentax TRX






These light, sleek prescription safety glasses are perfect for the woman who wants a pair she can wear both at work and anywhere else she wants. These are ANSI z87.1-certified, ensuring that they provide the best possible protection and can withstand high-velocity impact. They are able to be equipped with any kind of prescription, strong or weak, without issue. Included with this pair are clear, polycarbonate side shields to provide extra protection on the temples for the wearer. The adjustable nose pads allow for them to be fitted to any woman’s face, giving her the best possible fit. These have the light, stylish look of everyday eyeglasses with the protection of the strongest safety eyewear.

Pentax Classic 10







Keeping your eyes protected doesn’t mean sacrificing your own personal style. This pair is bigger and bolder than most safety glasses you might find, which gives them that extra stylistic edge for someone who wants to keep up their style while keeping their eyes safe with ANSI z87.1-certified protection. This frame carries a bigger lens than many of the other pairs, not only giving you a wider range of vision but protection too. The clear, polycarbonate side shields are included with this pair for extra temple protection, and the solid nose pads and ear curves keep them squarely in place. These are the perfect choice for a woman who wants to keep her style represented at work while still being protected like the best of them.

Pentax Classic 1






This pair truly lives up to its name—with this thin, chic, classic look, these safety glasses can be worn at any time. On the job, relaxing at home, or working on your own projects—these are the ultimate versatile glasses. Of course, they include the detachable polycarbonate side shields for extra protection when you need it, and concentrated protection and style when you don’t. You can bring this pair anywhere. This is part of the reason these are preferred by women—they can adapt to any situation just like you can.

Pentax DX670






These thick frames and ANSI z87.1-certified lenses have it all. This pair has adjustable nose pads, allowing you to mold them to your face for the most comfortable and secure fit. They have large, thick side pieces, providing a substantial amount of protection on their own, even before the side shields are attached. They come in two striking patterns, olive, and tortoise, letting you customize them to fit your wants and needs.

Pentax Alpha






The Pentax Alpha pair is for those women who are truly at the top of their game. Their design is classic, sophisticated, and smart. They may be small, but they sure provide all the protection you may need for your everyday work. The side shields included extend up onto the temple, creating an extra layer of protection without distracting from their perfect balance of style and business. This pair will have you feeling and looking confident, all the while knowing that your eyes are safe from outside harm.

Ladies, Find Your Perfect Pair Today

No matter what you need them for, having the best possible eye protection for your line of work and needs is crucial to maintaining your vision and eye health. And, of course, eye injury does not discriminate by gender. Ladies, if you are in a space where you need eye protection, whether it be at work, at home, or anywhere else, don’t hesitate to find yourself the perfect pair. For more women’s frames and to see more details on the styles listed, visit our women’s collection here.


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