Our Top Picks: Prescription Safety Glasses for Nurses

Safety eyewear is required in many different lines of work, but one you may not always associate with it is nursing. Nurses work with chemicals, bodily fluids, and all kinds of potentially eye-harming materials each and every day, so keeping their eyes protected is a must-have in this line of work. To help find the best pair for this specific line of work, here are the top 4 pairs of prescription safety glasses we recommend for nurses.

Pentax A2000

This wrap-around pair creates a thick barrier between the eyes and any harmful splashes or debris. With its built-in side shields and circular fit design, these are some of the most ideal frames for nurses who need to be secure and protected from all angles. Anti-fog coatings can be added to prevent fogging while wearing a face mask, as nurses often must when working with patients and materials.


Pentax Attitude 4

This pair is sleek and strong. Equipped with adjustable nose pads and spring hinges for the best fit, these can easily be worn for any task a nurse might have. They fit well over a face mask thanks to the adjustable nose pads and their detachable side shields are ideal for extra protection when needed.This pair is sleek, versatile, and adaptable to your every need.

SafeVision Quantum

This pair is as secure as they come. With its wrap-around design and rubber nose pads for an extra firm fit, these are perfect for nurses who need their safety eyewear to stay put and comfortable all day. These frames create a protective bubble around the eyes and temples, preventing any splashes from entering the area and causing injury. The rubber nose pads will also help protect against fog from a face mask, and keep the frames in place. These aren’t going anywhere. With six color options to choose from, these are also customizable to suit your style.

SafeVision Carrier

The Carrier is a lightweight, thermoplastic frame that’s tough but comfortable. It features rubber temple tips that helps ensure they fit securely throughout the day too. It’s integrated side shields provide optimum protection without any extra bulk, and the smooth plastic nose pads will keep the wearer comfortable during the long hours of a nursing shift.


Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others

Nurses, keeping your own eyes protected from any injury is incredibly important for being able to properly take care of your patients. By protecting yourself, you are also helping them. You do so much for the world; it’s time to take care of yourself, too. To see more details about the safety glasses mentioned or to view more options, take a look at our collection here.

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