Selecting the Correct Prescription Safety Glasses For Your Line Of Work

Prescription safety eyewear is always a must in many different lines of work, but not all safety glasses are the same. You know you need them, but which kind? Each line of work has different requirements and environments. In order to make sure that find the right pair for your needs, these are our tips for finding the right prescription safety glasses for your line of work.

Consider What You’ll Be Exposed To

The first thing you need to do is consider what you are exposed to during your work. If you work in construction, you may be in the path of large objects that could cause impact, as well as debris like sawdust and metal shavings. If you work in the medical field, you might come into contact with chemicals, splashes, and other kinds of smaller debris. Maybe your workplace has a combination of different exposures. It is important to consider these factors since they will determine what kind of safety eyewear is best for you.

Find the Right Frames for Your Needs

While you have in your mind what you’ll be exposed to, it’s time to shop for frames. If you know you might come in contact with blunt impact, large debris, or sawdust and the like from multiple directions, wraparound frames or goggles will be your best bet. These types of frames create a barrier that extends beyond just the front of the eyes. Wraparound frames provide brow and temple protection, and goggles create a sealed environment around the eyes that will block out debris from all angles. If you are dealing with hazards that are smaller and more concentrated in one area, i.e., medical work, you will want to invest in a lighter frame. Most lighter frames look like regular eyeglasses on the surface, but they are made specifically for eye protection.

These are easy to store, wear, and upgrade with side shields if needed. Make sure to view all your options before purchasing!

Find the Right Lenses

Finding the right lenses is just as important as finding the right frames. If you work primarily outside where there is the potential for distracting and vision-hindering glare, you might want to consider investing in polarized lenses, which canhelp to reduce glare and keep your vision clear. If you work both indoors and outdoors, getting photochromic lenses, which light reactive and darken when outdoors, is a great choice. Regardless of your working location or field, it is always beneficial to have your lenses treated with anti-fog coating, anti-reflective coating, and/or a scratch-resistant coating. Each of these options is compatible with prescription lenses, so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing one for the other.

Get the Best Fit

Regardless of the quality of your safety eyewear, if it does not fit correctly, it is not effective. If your safety glasses don’t fit properly, they are liable to slip off the face, which could allow debris or harmful materials to enter the eyes and cause damage. Furthermore, you may need to keep pushing them up, taking your hands away from your task and potentially causing an avoidable mistake. Before placing your order, check the product details to find the measurements of the frames to ensure that you are going to get the best fit.

No Matter What You Do, Stay Protected

Having the right safety eyewear for your line of work is imperative for making sure that you are as protected as possible. If you know what you’ll be exposed to, you already know enough to find your perfect pair. It is always important, regardless of what pair you choose and what line of work you do, to make sure that your safety glasses are ANSI z87.1 certified. This certification shows that the eye protection has been tested against a number of harmful objects that could cause eye injury and have passed. Your eyes are precious; take the time to find the best pair for your needs!

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