4 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Prescription Safety Eyewear

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For any occupation, it’s nice when your employer provides you with safety eyewear. But when you already wear prescription eyewear or have days where you can’t wear your contacts, what do you do? That’s where prescription safety eyewear comes into use. A quality pair can make the difference in a productive day or one spent frustrated and uncomfortable. Here are the reasons why you should purchase Rx safety eyewear:

You Don’t Want to Double Up Safety Eyewear Over Glasses/ Don’t Wear Contact Lenses

One of the simplest reasons to buy prescription safety eyewear is if you already wear prescription glasses and don’t wear contacts. No one wants to wear safety eyewear over their glasses because it can be uncomfortable and take up a large part of your face. While you might think it’s not a bad idea at first, after long periods, it can experience discomfort and annoyance. If the eyewear is one size fits all, it might not be the right size or fit for you either. Instead of dealing with two pairs, narrow it to one pair of safety eyewear with lenses made to match your exact prescription. This option will fit better, be lighter on your face, and allow you to work for hours while protecting your vision.

You Need Bifocals

As you age, your vision changes. For many, they need a different prescription for reading vs. distance because their near vision isn’t the same. When this change occurs, it’s time to invest in a pair of bifocals or progressives in both your everyday eyewear and safety eyewear.

While there are options to get multi-focal contact lenses, you have to get them specially fitted by your eye doctor, more expensive, and can be hard to adjust to even if you’re used to wearing contacts regularly.

Suppose you work in an industry where you are doing detailed projects, have to read the fine print, need to see clearly, or are running machinery. In that case, it is necessary to have the proper prescription eyewear to avoid any accidents happening. Appropriate safety eyewear can be quite beneficial in this case, especially for mechanics or electricians who look at things both close in range and far away.

Irritated or Infected Eyes From Allergies

Some days, the allergies and irritants in the air might be so bad that you can’t stop rubbing your eyes. Therefore, you don’t put your contacts in on those days, leaving you in need of Rx safety eyewear while on the job. While your eyes may be itchy and puffy, your prescription safety eyewear will help keep your vision clear when things are out of your control. They will also keep you safe while on the job and further prevent any other particles from entering your eyes.

Dry Eye Syndrome

When the surface of your eye doesn’t get enough moisture or lubrication from blinking, it is known as dry eye syndrome. Dry eye can happen to both those wearing contacts or those wearing glasses and causes irritation and discomfort in your eyes.

For days when your dry eye is bad and you decide not to wear your contacts, having a pair of Rx safety eyewear can help keep you productive and your vision clear.

Tired Eyes and Light Sensitivity

Depending on your work environment, you could be under bright fluorescent lighting or the sun all day. The lighting can cause your eyes to be more sensitive towards any illumination, making it all the more reason to own a pair of Rx safety eyewear. When you have prescription safety eyewear, you can customize the lens tint to fit your environmental needs and lighting conditions. The eyewear will even help reduce glare. You can lenses that transition from clear to shaded when the lighting changes, so you won’t have to take your eyewear off in low light. You can also get blue-light blockers or other tints to reduce the amount of light that comes through the lenses. There are many options you can choose from with SafeVision.

Purchase Rx Safety Eyewear For Work and Play

Who says safety eyewear has to be strictly for work? At SafeVision, we encourage our customers to wear safety eyewear during every activity, such as those who like to bike, work on DIY projects, or play sports. Rx safety eyewear works for any hobby or pastime. Buy a pair of Wiley X or Pentax safety eyewear to keep you safe and looking stylish whether you’re on the road, in your home, or outside having fun. We have plenty of options in frames, colors, lenses, and styles for you to choose from at SafeVision. Talk with one of our experts if you need to update your companies Corporate Safety Eyewear Program. If you have any other questions about purchasing a pair of safety eyewear, you can always contact us!

Together we can keep your vision safe and protected at all times.

Purchase Rx Safety Eyewear at SafeVision

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