New Anti-Fog Sprays & Wipes By SafeVision

Anti-Fog Sprays and Wipes from SafeVision

NEW SafeVision Anti-Fog Sprays & Wipes!

Protection from flying projectiles, dust, and chemicals are all important reasons to invest in a quality pair of prescription safety eyewear. But what about fogged lenses? Reduced visibility is a common hazard experienced by those who wear prescription eyewear regularly. At SafeVision we offer a premium Anti-Fog coating that can be added to your prescription lenses. However, fit-over safety glasses, goggles, and non-prescription safety glasses rarely, if ever, come with an anti-fog solution. That’s why we’ve developed a specially formulated anti-fog solution that can be used on both prescription and non-prescription eye & face protection equipment.

Lenses can fog due to extreme changes in temperature like walking into cold storage or coming into a heated building from the outdoors during the fall & winter. Obviously, when you’re working up a sweat the heat and moisture can easily fog up your lenses too. Also, this is a common problem for anyone who works in humid conditions or climates. Recently, we have all experienced the frustration of fogged lenses caused by the wearing of a face mask.

Fogged lenses can quickly turn most tasks into potentially hazardous ones if your vision is severely compromised. It’s especially important to keep your lenses from fogging while on the job working in hazardous environments or while doing potentially dangerous tasks. For example, using a forklift to unload a truck can be a simple endeavor but it can quickly become dangerous if you’re driving into a cold truck and back inside with fogged lenses.

Anti-Fog Spray & Wipes

Our Anti-Fog sprays and wipes work on all eyewear and are safe to use on those expensive prescription lens coatings too. But it’s also great for sunglasses, medical shields, swimming masks, motorcycle shields, hunting scopes, ski and snowboarding goggles, electronic screens, camera lenses, and more.

You can find a variety of options in our online shop including:

1oz spray bottle kit which comes with a convenient carrying pouch to hold both the bottle and the accompanying microfiber cleaning cloth.

1oz spray bottle (only) is a great option if you already have your own cleaning cloths.

0.5oz dropper bottle (only) is a smaller bottle that allows you to use only a drop or two.

5 pack dry wipes are the most convenient option to carry in your pocket.

100 pack dry wipes are great to keep in your shop, kitchen, or any job site for multiple users.

Speak with our customer service team or contact your SafeVision sales rep. to learn about bulk discounts for businesses too!

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