Shop Online With SafeVision’s New eCommerce Site!

SafeVision eCommerce Shop announcement

SafeVision is pleased to announce our new eCommerce shop!

As the leading manufacturer of prescription safety eyewear in North America, SafeVision is the premier option for employers seeking a simplified prescription safety eyewear program for their employees. But, not all employees require prescription safety eyewear nor are they typically covered by such programs. Fit over safety eyewear and other non-prescription options are rarely attractive or comfortable for all-day wear. That’s why SafeVision has created an online shop for premium non-prescription safety eyewear. Employees and anyone needing a quality pair of ANSI-rated safety eyewear now have a trusted provider.

Visit, to purchase premium non-prescription safety eyewear and accessories. SafeVision offers a variety of PENTAX and Wiley X eyewear to choose from, plus our new anti-fog sprays and wipes to keep your eyewear clean and fog-free!

Our new eCommerce shop features:

  • Premium non-prescription safety eyewear*
  • Popular accessories like Anti-Fog sprays
  • Free shipping on orders over $25
    • *Only non-prescription eyewear available via Please contact our team to set up a corporate account for prescription safety eyewear.

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