5 Benefits to Wearing Safety Eyewear with Anti-Fog Lenses

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Fogged Lenses Can Be A Nuisance

Every day, injuries occur from impaired vision due to fogging of lenses in safety eyewear. Many manufacturing, construction, service, and retail workers don’t wear their safety eyewear because the lenses fog while working, which has led to this becoming one of the major reasons for not wearing safety eyewear.

According to Incident Prevention, safety eyewear with anti-fog lenses have “been shown to improve performance significantly, resulting in increased eye-protection use.” Now, where fogged lenses with safety eyewear was a reason for non-compliance, many individuals wear safety eyewear and goggles with anti-fog lenses and get the job done.

In this blog, we will discuss five reasons why you, or your employees, should wear safety eyewear with anti-fog lenses.

5 Reasons to Wear Safety Eyewear with Anti-Fog Lenses

  1. They help decrease fogging in the heat and humidity

When you work in the heat and humidity or are in a situation that involves strenuous activity, anti-fog lenses can make a huge impact. In high-humidity environments, moisture is created more easily, in turn causing your lenses to fog. In high-heat situations, workers are more likely to perspire, which also adds moisture. With anti-fog lenses, heat and humidity shouldn’t be an issue in most work environments.

  1. Manage sudden environmental changes

When it’s hot outside, and you walk into an air-conditioned room, the environmental change can lead to fogged lenses. Those in foodservice might go in and out of coolers, or forklift drivers going inside/outside throughout the day, and police officers and other first responders who are frequently changing where they are, are all professions that can be in these situations where fogging of their lenses can be an issue

  1. Decrease fogging frustrations

Fogged lenses reduce a worker’s efficiency and can be a constant frustration for a lot of people. It can lead individuals to opt-out of wearing safety eyewear, which leads to safety hazards and non-compliance exposures.

  1. Enhance vision by increasing visibility

When your lenses in your safety eyewear fog, your vision obviously isn’t clear. Situations requiring quick reactions rely on clear vision and therefore increases a person’s need for clear visibility.

  1. Improve efficiency and performance

With all the reasons listed above, this reason combines them. Reducing fogging issues will increase employee performance and efficiency. Workers won’t be removing their safety eyewear in frustration, and compliance will increase.

Anti-Fog Selection

Safety eyewear with anti-fog lenses significantly decreases eye injury by increasing compliance through reduced fogging frustration. With the anti-fog technology available on lenses for today’s safety eyewear, fogging is no longer a reason not to wear protective eyewear.

If you are looking to shop for prescription safety eyewear that includes lenses with anti-fog protection, visit our website at www.safevision.com or email us at safevision@hoya.com. Together we can find the best solution for your foggy situation.


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