Phoenix Lenses Part Two: Phoenix vs. Polycarbonate


For years many eye care professionals have relied on polycarbonate lenses for their high impact resistance properties. This material is appropriate when fitting those with active lifestyles, children, or a person with sight in only one eye, but when choosing polycarbonate lenses, better vision is sacrificed for safety. With Phoenix (Trivex) lenses, you don’t have to sacrifice visual quality. Let’s discuss the benefits of Phoenix versus polycarbonate.

Phoenix outperforms polycarbonate in several ways:

  1. Higher Abbe value for better overall optics
  2. Lighter material
  3. Blocks more UV rays

Eye care professionals know that vulnerable groups, such as children or persons with vision in only one eye, need impact-resistant lenses. While polycarbonate is thin and light with good impact resistance, it has a low Abbe value, compromising peripheral lens optics. With Phoenix lenses, all the qualities are there to keep those vulnerable groups safe. Phoenix lenses are thin and lightweight, durable, impact-resistant, and provide superior visual acuity.

In a Vision Watch survey of 100,000 respondents, patients shared their number one reason for lens choice relies on their doctor or retailer’s recommendation. After an eye exam, doctors or retailers can find a unique solution for their clients based on their lifestyle and concerns.

But the lens is not the only part of the eyewear that ECP’s consider.

The combination of material, design, and lens enhancements also come into consideration. Phoenix provides multiple options of eyewear to fit your client’s specific needs. Phoenix provides vision solutions to make every day easier, whether at work, playing, or relaxing on the couch.

In summary, Phoenix is ideal for active lifestyles, sports enthusiasts, children, and for anyone where eye protection is paramount, such as the patient with vision in only one eye. Phoenix offers the perfect combination of benefits for almost any patient with any lifestyle.

Phoenix Lenses are:

  • The lightest lens material available today
  • Twice as scratch resistant as polycarbonate
  • 60 times more impact resistant than standard plastic
  • Exceeding FDA impact guidelines
  • Abbe value of 43 versus 30 for polycarbonate and exceeding ANSI UV380 protection guidelines.
  • Phoenix lens material is elastic and exceptionally strong, heat resistant up to 90ºC, and chemical resistant.

Designed for everyday use, Phoenix offers eye safety and peace of mind in our unpredictable lives.

If you are looking to purchase durable, lightweight, and impact-resistant lenses, visit to view our selection of frames and lens options. Or, if you have any questions, please email us at


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