Tips For Preventing Digital Eye Strain in the Workplace

Digital eye strain

No matter where you work, protecting your eyes should be of importance. A recent study shared that 70 percent of adults in the U.S. suffer from digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices.

Here are a few tips for preventing workplace eyestrain and fatigue while working in your office.

  • Be sure to visit your eye doctor regularly complete eye exam to ensure you see clearly and to detect any vision issues.
  • When using your screens, keep them 20 to 26 inches away from your face and eyes and slightly below eye level.
  • Adjust the lighting on your screen to have a lower glare and reduce harsh reflections. You can also get a glare filter over your screen.
  • Adjust the text on each screen to be read at a comfortable level.
  • Use screens that can tilt and swivel as you work.
  • Wear lenses with blue light protection.
  • Take breaks from looking at the screen regularly.

If your job requires you to look at a screen all day, we recommend that you make the 20-20-20 break part of your daily routine. As we’ve mentioned before, this means that every 20 minutes, you take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away. Incorporating this routine will allow your eyes to take a break and remind you to blink to keep your eyes from drying.

If you are experiencing digital eye strain symptoms such as dry eyes, blurred vision, or headaches, try our tips out to see if your screen is the cause of your strain. With people working more from home and regularly using laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other digital devices as part of their jobs, we must make an effort to protect our vision.

If your workplace is looking to purchase eyewear to protect your employees’ vision, visit SafeVision’s website, or speak to one of our consultants about the right eyewear for your team. Together we can prevent eye strain and eye injuries to come.


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