New Classic Safety Frames For Women

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Finding Personal Protective Equipment or PPE can be a real challenge for women, especially when your PPE doesn’t fit properly. 

A survey of 1,000 safety professionals sponsored by BLR back in 2014 showed that failure to wear PPE was the second-leading cause of injuries in the workplace. The reason for not wearing the proper PPE or modifying it while on the job is that it does not fit properly, and therefore it is uncomfortable, regardless of gender. PPE is the last line of defense against hazards in the workplace and affects everyone. But the majority of the gear is made to accommodate men instead of women. 

When it comes to prescription safety eyewear, women’s features are much different than men’s. Many manufacturers think they can shrink the eyewear into juniors’ sizes or create a smaller version of the men’s frames without considering the different shapes and sizes a women’s head has.

Abby Ferri, CSP, Vice President of the National Construction Practice for Hays Companies and the 2018-20 Administrator of WISE, says, “Many of the sizes, cut, and style options available on the market for women are not rooted in science,” she explains. “The ‘shrink and pink’ phenomenon assumes that all women are petite and thin. People fall into a range of sizes, and protective gear should reflect that reality.”

Holly Burgess, CSP, EHS manager for Siemens Mobility, says, “As more women enter into positions that require PPE, the lack of PPE for women becomes more apparent.” 

New Classic Frames For Women

With the lack of PPE and knowing the struggles women face, companies such as SafeVision continuously improve their designs to fit women’s features better. This September, they officially launched the newly upgraded Pentax Classic 10, 11, & 12 frames for women in the workforce! This collection is styled for everyday wear while still meeting ANSI & CSA standards with smaller sizes for a better fit. The frames come in three styles, with two different colors for each.

They also all have the option to add a side shield for extra protection. SafeVision hopes that with these new designs, women will begin to feel more confident and comfortable in their PPE while taking their eye safety more seriously and protecting their vision while on the job. 

To learn more about our new Classic 10, 11 & 12 women’s frames, see our product bulletin and contact your SafeVision sales representative. 

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