What To Wear When Hunting This Fall – Safety Eyewear Edition

black and white closeup of man shooting a gun

In the fall, one of the most common pastimes to take part in is hunting. Waking up at the crack of dawn to beat the sun from rising and rushing to get into position to wait can be exhilarating. But before you start shooting, it’s essential to make sure you have the proper safety eyewear to keep your eyes and vision safe. You don’t want to shoot your eye out, like Ralphie in A Christmas Story!

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Safety Eyewear for Shooting/Hunting

When picking out your safety eyewear, there are a few factors to consider. Where you will be hunting, the weather conditions, and personal preference are just a few to begin with. These variables can affect what lens tint you choose, the lens coatings like anti-fog, how the frame fits, and even the style. Luckily, at SafeVision, we have a selection to fit any hunter’s needs and professionals here to help you customize the perfect pair.

A quality pair of shooting and hunting eyewear needs to be impact-resistant. They should comply with ANSI standards to keep a shooter’s eyes safe in any scenario. UV protection is also recommended for extended outdoor exposure to the sun and polarized lenses if you need to reduce glare off water or snow.

Finding the right fit for your safety eyewear shouldn’t be a challenge with so many options available.

Lens Tints vs Polarized Lenses

One of the most important tasks of picking the right pair of hunting safety eyewear is choosing the proper lens tint or polarized option. Each color can serve a specific purpose that can benefit you while out in the field. Furthermore, the morning sun is positioned on the horizon which reflects light off of water, snow, and other surfaces far more than the afternoon sun. This greatly increases glare which can make it difficult to spot not only your quarry but also other hunters, farmers, dogs, etc. Polarized lenses are designed to help filter out horizontal rays of light that we consider glare to help you safely pick your target.

Here is a breakdown of the options:

  • Yellow Lenses: The yellow-tinted safety eyewear can help block blue light and can diffuse the haze on a cloudy day. This lens tint option helps increase your contrast and depth perception against snow and muted/monotone-colored fields which can help you identify your target more readily. (not offered in polarized option by SafeVision)
  • Brown Lenses: For many hunters, reducing eye strain in bright sunlight is a priority. Brown lenses work best in open areas such as fields to increase the contrast against the muted colors in the background. Hunters say they soothe the eyes when wearing them during daylight and keep them alert. (offered in polarized option by SafeVision)
  • Gray Lenses: When hunters choose a gray lens, they are looking to balance the tone of color all around. Gray lenses reduce the amount of light and help you get a more level sense of contrast and depth. This color is ideal for bright days. (offered in polarized option by SafeVision)

Once you know what color lens you want, choosing a pair of safety eyewear can become a lot more straightforward. When you speak to one of our representatives at SafeVision, they will talk to you about all the other options available regarding style and fit. Visit our website at www.safevision.com or email us at safevision@hoya.com.

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