Importance Of Regularly Replacing Your Safety Eyewear

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If you wear glasses, eye doctors recommend having an eye exam at least every two years to check for changes to your prescription. However, for prescription safety eyewear, it’s even more important to go regularly for a checkup. Not only can your prescription change over time but also your safety eyewear often undergoes more wear and tear than your daily pair. Here are just a few reasons why it’s essential to replace your safety eyewear regularly:

  • Work conditions can be harsh, especially if working with chemicals, hydraulic fluids, extreme temperatures, etc. which wear out eyewear more rapidly.
  • Your body sweat is corrosive and will affect lens coatings, elastomers in plastic frames, and hard coats on metal frames.
  • Any cracked lenses are no longer impact resistant and require immediate replacement.
  • Side shields can also wear down over time and break or crack causing them to no longer be impact protective
  • For those who perform job functions that require exceptional vision like quality inspectors, drivers, heavy equipment operators, etc. unclear vision can be an extreme liability for employee safety, lead to property and/or equipment damage.
  • Many safety frames styles include removable side shields and can double as your daily pair outside of work. Which increases the wear time reducing the longevity of the pair
  • Yearly eye exams can detect other body illnesses such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Both conditions also mean rapidly changing eyesight.
  • Most vision insurance plans allow an exam every year.
  • Most people have a change to their prescription within 12 months.
  • Frames are only warranted for one year.

Work With SafeVision to Replace Your Safety Eyewear

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why you should get your vision checked and replace your safety eyewear regularly. If you’re looking for a prescription safety eyewear program to work with your company, talk with our representatives at SafeVision. Our Corporate Program ensures that your employees’ vision is properly protected.

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