Are Children’s Safety Glasses on Your School Safety Checklist?

Child on yellow background wearing safety glasses

As a parent, when you send your child off to school, you want to know that they will be safe. Their teacher will have many other students to watch over, and your child can’t always be the focus. But you can prepare them with the right personal protective equipment to help them make good safe choices.

Ensuring children have the proper safety eyewear is essential for keeping their eyes safe and sound. After all, they are the future of our country. Here are a few tips we recommend following to keep your children safe while away at school.

Wear Bright Clothing

When picking out clothing for your child, try having them wear brighter colors such as red, orange, and blue over more neutral colors. These colors make it easier for those driving near the school to see your children crossing the street to get to the bus or walking home. Ensuring their safety by allowing others to see them more clearly, brings peace of mind to both the children and the parents driving.

Wear Bike Helmets

For those kids who ride their bikes to and from school, make sure they wear a helmet that fits them properly. It’s essential to check the fit regularly as your child grows to ensure the helmet won’t fall off while riding. When you keep your kids safe with helmets, you’re keeping their vision safe as well. They will thank you if they ever fall and are protected by the helmet. Plus, you can personalize them to make them more fun for everyone!

Purchase Safety Glasses For Your Children

Proactively protect your children’s eyes from any flying particles or dust by purchasing them a pair of safety eyewear. Students can wear safety eyewear in woodshop class, science class, or even gym class, depending on the unit. Today’s safety eyewear is much more stylish and modern than the big chunky ones they used to give students, so your child won’t mind wearing them and looking cool.

Also, be sure to consult your school board on standards for children’s safety during class and make sure they equip them with the proper PPE. If not, suggest to them working with SafeVision. We can help develop a plan to provide safety eyewear for every student to make sure they are protecting their vision.

Teach Them Safety Protocols and Tips

While you can’t always be with your child during their school day, you can teach them safety tips to follow while on their own. Teach them the importance of wearing safety eyewear while in woodshop class, so nothing flies into their eyes. Remind them how much pain it could cause if they don’t wear their safety eyewear in science class and chemicals fly into their eyes. Or show them how getting hit in the face by a ball at fast speeds can affect their vision.

All of these are situations where they could use safety eyewear to keep themselves safe, so make sure they know what’s at risk. Also, talk with them about safety tips and teach them how to incorporate safety into their everyday lives so they make the right choices to protect their vision.


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