How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Purchasing Safety Eyewear

As an Eye Health Safety Manager, you know that multiple types of safety eyewear fit with different jobs and purposes. Not purchasing the right pair for you or your employees can be detrimental to your eye safety and health. Here are a few common mistakes made by managers to avoid.

Not Getting Them Fitted

No two people share the same head or face shape, which means that not every eyewear pair will fit everyone. Some may be too big and cause slippage, and others may be too small and pinch. That’s why it is essential to have safety eyewear fitted to your face. A fitted pair will not only protect your eyes from projectiles, debris, and splashes, but they will also be comfortable to wear for long periods.

Purchasing On-Line

When you purchase your safety eyewear on-line, you’re financially risking your funds and safety. High-quality safety eyewear is an investment that puts your safety first without taking an unnecessary risk. At SafeVision™, we believe that you should always have the opportunity to try your safety eyewear on before committing to them. You don’t have this advantage online and superimposing the eyewear over a picture works sometimes but does not always ensure a proper fit.

Choosing the Wrong Safety Frames

Each job has a different type of safety frame that you can choose for your prescription safety eyewear. For example, there are traditional or wraparound frames, and each comes with its benefits. Traditional safety eyewear looks like regular eyewear but comes with side shields to prevent objects from getting around the frame. Wraparound eyewear curves around your face and the side of your eyes. The curve gives them a sleek look and allows more protection than traditional safety eyewear. Be sure you choose the right frame to ensure comfort and protection.

Go with The Best at SafeVision™

SafeVision™ is your premier resource for high-quality prescription safety glasses. We offer many corporate safety eyewear programs to meet the needs of you and your company. SafeVision’s ™ personalized services mean you get a certified optician to answer your questions and customize your plan.

We also stay on top of OSHA and industry safety standards, ensuring that the safety eyewear you get is thoroughly tested for safety—both prescription and non-prescription. When shopping for prescription safety eyewear for your corporation, be sure to request a statement or certificate of test results, so you know you are getting the best.

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