Finding the Proper Fit

When it comes to safety eyewear, finding a pair with the proper fit is essential. No two faces are alike, which means every worker will need to be fit for their eyewear.

One of the leading causes of eye injuries is sizable gaps between an individual’s face and eyewear. Those gaps allow debris to enter underneath the lens and cause particles to get in the eye. Some employers wait until an unacceptable level of eye injuries have occurred before making changes to their safety eyewear policy. But smart employers know safety is essential in the workplace and recognize that each individual should have proper fitting eyewear from the start. That’s why they use personal fit testing to ensure that the maximum allowed gap is not exceeded.

After the fit testing, employers are encouraged to look into eyewear with adjustable features. Adjustments at the temples can help to close facial gaps and provide a customizable fit. You can also adjust the lens angle for optimal coverage and air circulation if you have ratcheting temples. There are also hybrid eyewear designs that offer interchangeable temples, headbands, and sealed options for increased, gap-free performance as if you were wearing goggles.

An alternative to those options are styles with advanced materials or designs, such as eyewear with a fingered or flexible nosepiece that can conform to multiple nasal profiles to help fit an array of nose bridge sizes. Eyewear with padded temples can prevent sore spots and slipping and provide ideal flex and tension. It can also cushion delicate areas around the ears.

There is also a thin temple profile that will cut down on bulk and sore spots underneath hard hats if your eyewear is worn with other PPE forms. Or another design option to consider is an adjustable brow bar atop floating lenses. These can ensure an accurate, gap-free fit without compromising your peripheral optics.

At SafeVision, we provide many different options for your safety eyewear needs. Whether you need a slim or smaller size for women or a more flexible fit to wear with other PPE, we have the right designs for you.

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