Why You Need Safety Eyewear on the Golf Course

Are you looking for protective eyewear that will keep you looking stylish on the golf course but also up your golf game? SafeVision’s prescription safety eyewear is an excellent alternative to ordinary sunglasses in that they not only protect your eyes from flying objects, but they also keep you comfortable all day.

When you purchase a pair of safety eyewear for golf from SafeVision, you no longer have to manage multiple pairs of eyewear while on the course. Here are three reasons why you should make the switch with us.

Reduce Glare On The Course

To reduce glare, especially if the course has a lot of water, we offer polarized safety eyewear. With the reduced glare, you will see better and significantly reduce eyestrain and other unpleasant symptoms like headaches caused by squinting. If you are experiencing the eyestrain symptoms and your regular sunglasses are not helping, consider investing in a high-quality pair of safety eyewear designed specifically for golf.

Protect Your Eyesight

For most, the game of golf is not considered a dangerous sport for your eyes. But your eyes are subject to sun damage, course debris, and the potential wayward golf ball if they are not protected. Safety eyewear for golf is high-impact and comes in multiple styles, tints, and reflective coatings for a custom design to fit your personality.

All-Day, Worry-Free Comfort

It’s no secret that golf isn’t a fast-paced sport. You want to make sure you are comfortable during the long hours, and your eyewear doesn’t irritate your ears and nose. SafeVision has no-slip safety eyewear that will stay in place while you move your head to follow the ball; and the frames are durable, which makes them the perfect option for a day on the links. You will experience the freedom and comfort to play as if you weren’t wearing eyewear.


With all the options with safety eyewear for golf available from SafeVision, it’s clear that it’s an easy choice to make the switch with us. Save your eyes from any course hazards you might not have considered, and find a customized frame that is sure to fit your personality and style while you play the game.

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