Eye Protection for Construction Workers: Our Top Picks

construction workers

Construction is one of the first occupations that comes to mind when thinking of jobs that require eye protection.

Most construction workers are often exposed to all kinds of potentially eye-injuring substances, including saw dust, harsh chemicals, wood/metal debris, large objects that could cause blunt impact, and much more.

You may know that eye protection is crucial for construction work, but did you know that some safety eyewear is better for this job than others? Since construction workers can be exposed to all kinds of different materials from all directions, having wrap-around frames with built-in side shields is a great option.

If dust, chemicals, and small debris are your primary concerns, investing in frames that create a seal around your eyes is optimal. To help you decide on the best safety eyewear for you or your construction company, here are four of our top prescription-friendly safety glasses picks for construction workers.

Pentax ZT35

pentax zt35

Pentax ZT35 not only includes built-in side protection with its thick temple pieces, but also a removable rubber skirt seal inside the frame.

This seal hugs the area around your eye for optimal protection against dust and falling debris you may encounter while on the job.

These are lightweight, ANSI Z87.1 rated for high mass and high velocity impact resistance. If you prefer a tighter fit with this frame, the temple pieces are removable and can be replaced with a head strap.

They are prescription-ready, and able to be equipped with photochromic or polarized lenses for outdoor work. These are the perfect frames for the construction worker prepared to handle anything and stay protected.

Pentax ZT200

For the construction worker on the go to multiple sites and projects, Pentax ZT200 is the pair for you.

This frame features wide integrated clear side shields, creating both a wider range of vision and a bigger area of eye protection. The nose pads and temple pieces feature latex-free rubber, allowing them to grip your nose and temples for a secure fit.

This frame is equipped with a brow protector to keep your eyes safe from falling debris. With the purchase of this frame, you will also receive a lanyard to help you keep your safety glasses on you at all times easily, even when not using them.

They are prescription-ready and ANSI Z87.1 rated for high mass & high velocity impact resistance.

Pentax Eagle

Plastic Prescription Safety Glasses - Smoke, Quarter

For the construction worker who needs versatile and highly secure frames, try Pentax Eagle.

This pair incorporates a thick and secure rubber dust protector over the brow, preventing falling dust, small debris, and other substances from entering behind the frames.

The length of the temples are adjustable, allowing you to customize the size for the best fit possible in addition to the three eye size options. They are equipped with large integrated side shields for all-around protection and are ventilated to maintain air circulation and comfort.

These frames are ANSI Z87.1 rated for resistance against high mass and high velocity impact, so you know you are getting the best possible protection.

These are also able to be installed with prescription photochromic or polarized lenses for continued outdoor work.

Pentax GT20

Safety Goggle - Blue, Black, Quarter

The Pentax GT20 prescription safety goggles are our top choice for the construction worker who needs heavy-duty protection at all times.

These ANSI Z87.1 rated (both in impact and dust protection) goggles contain a 360º rubber seal around the perimeter, fully sealing the eye from debris, splashes and fine dust.

Forget the days of doubling up with both your regular glasses and goggles, because these goggles contain a convenient removable insert for prescription lenses. They come already treated with anti-scratch coating on the outside and anti-fog coating on the inside, so you do not have to worry about fogging or scratch damage while on the job.

These goggles are the real deal for heavy-duty protection in a construction zone.

Keep Your Eyes Safe & Healthy With SafeVision

Keeping your eyes protected while doing construction work is crucial not only to maintaining your eye health and preventing injury, but also making sure your quality of work is not jeopardized due to avoidance of certain materials or projects for fear of eye injury.

Making sure your eyes are protected can grant you peace of mind in your workplace. In addition to the safety eyewear picks mentioned here, our online shop has a variety of pairs to choose from for your construction needs.

For more information about the above options and to see more high quality prescription safety glasses, visit our online shop.

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