Women In The Industry: Yuri Nuñez

Yuri Nunez

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, breaking in and building a name for yourself is not easy. For women, often, that mountain is even steeper to climb. Though one woman is working tirelessly to redefine what is to be a lady in FR’s. We are talking of course about Yuri Nuñez, an account manager and LinkedIn influencer whose posts about life out in the oil field reach thousands of people every day. Her ever-expanding reach is now working to be an advocate for other women across oil and safety industries.

Before working in the oil industry, Yuri was in banking for several years. In 2014, she got her first start at an oil-related industry joining RamRod trucking doing HR. From there, Yuri climbed through several companies acquiring years of experience until she finally got her chance to do sales at Driven Services. “I put out my resume, and I got lucky that somebody just went ahead and gave me that chance, just gave me a shot, to see if I can do sales or not,” said Nuñez. Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, Yuri was laid off, and after another short stint with a company out of Houston, Yuri was back on the job hunt. After sifting through dozens of offers, Yuri joined Sand Revolution for a account management and marketing position. She says it’s one of the most rewarding experiences she’s ever had.

Born and raised in Odessa, Texas, Yuri has been surrounded by the oil industry for a very long time, and while she had interest in getting into the industry for years, she admits the prospect was intimidating. “You know you deal with some people, that see a woman out in the oil field, and they think they just rely on their looks. That’s why I made the commitment from day one to truly learn about my products and services inside and out. So, whenever I’m tested in even friendly conversations, I can show that I know what I’m talking about,” said Nuñez.

A typical day for Yuri varies. She could be out from sunrise to sunset traveling from project to project, listening to the concerns of company men, or she could be on a location all day producing social content for her company’s media pages. Though, no matter what duty calls, Yuri is always equipped with her PPE’s. Even though this type of workwear is often far from fashionable, it is required, and Yuri wears it with pride, a sign of respect to her industry. Though, Yuri has come to love a particular accessory of her daily uniform, her safety glasses. Developed by Wiley X, Weekenders for women have helped Yuri reclaim some of her style out in the field. “Whenever you go somewhere with a company, they give you those regular, clear safety glasses. They are not pretty, but with the designs from Wiley X, you have all these different options, and they’re all safety approved,” Nuñez explained. Yuri also loves how the Weekenders block the sun on the side of the frame where her regular sunglasses don’t. Yuri now finds herself wearing them both on and off the job site!

As a woman, finding PPE that is stylish and high quality is a challenging task. Though for Yuri, Wiley X Weekenders has changed the game. “I really do think that having those options for safety glasses is huge,” said Nuñez. Yuri actually got her first pair after connecting with a Wiley X rep on LinkedIn, She’s now thrilled with the positive feedback on social media about the pair of safety eyewear. “A lot of people are like, ‘Where can I get those? Can we get a discount? Can we do a large order to sell in our stores?’ Which I thought was really cool,” said Nuñez.

As one of the partners of SafeVision, Wiley X provides many options for men and women in any industry where PPE is required. They also provide protective eyewear for on the job or everyday use. Shop the entire selection or contact us to speak to one of our experts on which pair of safety eyewear is right for you or your company.

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