Tips for Defeating Digital Eye Strain

In today’s digital age, our eyes work harder than ever before. The constant exposure to screens from computers, smartphones, or tablets – has led to a growing concern: digital eye strain. But fear not. SafeVision is here to equip you with solutions to combat this modern discomfort and to offer helpful tips recommended by optical experts. In this blog, we delve into the “20-20-20 rule” and our Premium Anti-Reflective Coating + Blue Light Filtration, designed to help you maintain healthy eyes in the digital realm.

Understanding Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome, results from prolonged screen use that can cause discomfort and temporary vision problems. Symptoms include dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, and neck pain. The culprits? Staring at screens for extended periods without breaks and the blue light emitted by digital devices.

The 20-20-20 Rule: Your Eye’s Savior

The 20-20-20 rule is a simple yet effective strategy to alleviate digital eye strain. Here’s how it works: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break to look at an object at least 20 feet away. This quick pause allows your eye muscles to relax, reduces strain, and helps maintain better focus. Incorporating this rule into your daily routine can make a remarkable difference in your comfort level.

Introducing Recharge Lens Coating: A Shield Against Strain goes beyond the basics to provide you with innovative solutions. One such advancement is our Premium Anti-Reflective Coating + Blue Light Filtration – a game-changer in the fight against digital eye strain. This specialized coating filters out a significant portion of blue light emitted by screens, reducing its impact on your eyes. By wearing glasses with this lens coating, you’re giving your eyes an extra layer of protection against the strains of modern technology.

Top Benefits of our Premium Anti-Reflective Coating + Blue Light Filtration

1. Blue Light Filter: Recharge Lens Coating effectively filters out a portion of harmful blue light, helping to preserve your eye health and minimize discomfort.

2. Enhanced Clarity: The coating ensures visual clarity by reducing glare and reflections, allowing you to work, read, or browse with ease.

3. Reduced Eye Strain: By limiting blue light exposure, this lens coating reduces eye strain and fatigue, especially during extended screen time.

4. Day-to-Night Comfort: This coating is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile solution for any time of day.

Incorporate our Premium Anti-Reflective Coating + Blue Light Filtration into Your Eyewear

Elevate your eye protection with a Premium Anti-Reflective Coating + Blue Light Filtration from Whether you’re a professional, a student, or anyone exposed to digital screens regularly, this advanced coating can be added to your prescription eyeglasses. It’s a proactive step towards preventing digital eye strain and safeguarding your visual well-being.

In conclusion, the 20-20-20 rule and our Premium Anti-Reflective Coating + Blue Light Filtration are potent tools in your arsenal against digital eye strain. By practicing the rule and opting for lenses with this special coating, you’re taking proactive steps toward a more comfortable and strain-free digital experience. Remember, your eyes are precious – protect them with prescription safety glasses from

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