Protecting Your Eyes In 2022

Protecting Your Eyes in 2022

As we set goals for ourselves for the new year, we should remind ourselves that preventative care is simple and easy to achieve. When it comes to protecting your eyes in 2022, we’ve got a few simple tips and the perfect eyewear options.

Here are a few ways it can be easy to protect your eyes:

Know Your Eye Safety Hazards

Every day, we face hazards that could damage our eyesight. Whether it’s harmful blue light from all the technology we interact with or chemicals splashing from our cleaning products or on the job site, there are hazards everywhere. Knowing what hazards we are dealing with can help us make a more conscious decision to protect our eyes.

If you’re at work, seek out your EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) manager to ask about the potential hazards of your workplace. Let them show you how to work the machines correctly, point out any splashing chemicals or flying particles, and show you places you must wear PPE. All of these will help you be more productive and safe while on the job.

If you work in an office, protecting your eyes from the various screens and the blue light they project can help prevent dry eyes. If you find yourself looking at a computer all day, ask your boss if they can provide protective eyewear and give yourself breaks from the screen. A common suggestion from Eye Care Professionals for those who work at a computer for extended periods of time is the 20/20/20 rule. Every twenty minutes look away from your monitor/device at something at least twenty feet away for at least twenty seconds. This may help alleviate symptoms of digital eye strain.

If you’re working at home, evaluate your home for anything that might hurt your vision. These hazards could mean your screens, sharp objects, chemical cleaners, or flying toys or balls. Making a mental note of the harms can help you be more conscious about preventing any damage. When you’re cleaning, doing yard work, or maybe doing some DIY projects, think about protecting your eyes from the hazards that come with those tasks. All too often protective eyewear is forgotten while the consequences could be severe. For example, mowing your lawn can kick up flying projectiles that can ricochet back at your eyes or towards other people in the area. Working under the hood of your car, on a project in the garage or even cleaning can put you in contact with harmful chemicals that could cause serious eye irritation or injury.

Even while driving or enjoying the great outdoors it’s always a good idea to wear sunglasses to help protect against harmful UV rays from the sun. At SafeVision we only design prescription eyewear with polycarbonate or Phoenix lenses which protect against 100% of UVA & UVB light. We can also create prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses to help eliminate dangerous glare from reflective surfaces like other cars while driving.

At SafeVision we recommend finding the right pair of safety eyewear for both your job and daily life.

Protect Your Eyes With Safety Eyewear

You might think safety eyewear is dorky or only comes with oversized chunky frames, but that isn’t the case at all. At SafeVision, we have plenty of stylish, lightweight, and a wide assortment so you can choose the prescription safety eyewear to fit not only your needs but also your personal style. Furthermore, we can customize your eyewear with a variety of different lenses and coatings to meet your needs. Oleophobic coatings are great for making your lenses easy to clean even when exposed to sweat and oil while toiling away on a project. Anti-fog coatings are excellent for those who work in humid or even cold environments. Additionally, prescription eyewear can be made with polarized lenses for your favorite pair of sunglasses. To see our selection, visit

So in 2022, make it your goal to protect your vision and keep your eyes safe from all hazards that may come your way. If you’re not sure what you might need, talk with one of our representatives to help you find the perfect frame.

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