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graphic showing the different types of prescriptions lenses

Did you know that safety eyewear can be made with prescription lenses?

At SafeVision we’re the leading manufacturer of prescription safety eyewear in North America. As a division of Hoya Vision Care, our primary business is prescription optics. We own and operate a global network of state-of-the-art optical laboratories and lens manufacturing facilities. What’s more, we have our own line of ANSI-rated safety frames tailor-made for prescription lenses.

Learning ANSI Z87.1 safety standards can be tedious and often it’s better left to your Environmental Health and Safety manager whose job is to understand these standards.

But when you’re going to the eye doctor there can also be a lot of options to understand. For those who need a prescription lens in their eyewear to see clearly during their everyday activities and while wearing safety eyewear, it’s helpful to know which lens types are available.

At SafeVision, we offer single vision, bifocal, trifocal lenses or progressive addition lenses. If you aren’t sure which lens is best for you, here’s the breakdown of each type.

Single Vision Lenses

When it comes to single vision lenses, most wearers only need one aspect of their vision corrected, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. They can also help those who have astigmatism. In single vision lenses, there is just one optical prescription correction that covers the entire surface area of the lens. Most eyeglass wearers usually have this type of lens.

Bifocal Lenses

With bifocal lenses, the goal is to see both closeup and far away, with a balance of different prescriptions. As mentioned earlier, with progressive addition, these lenses have a line in the middle separating the two prescriptions. These lenses are very common in reading glasses and come in various shapes and widths.

Trifocal Lenses

Much like the bifocal lenses, the trifocal lenses have multiple focus zones. They start with one zone for close up and one for far away. But then add one for intermediate distances such as an arm’s length or the distance from a computer. This lens also has lines separating the three correcting segments making it obvious where the zones begin and end.

Progressive Addition Lenses

A progressive addition lens (PAL) is a multifocal lens with a smooth transition between zones of increased power levels. There are no lines or sharp differences between nearsighted and farsighted zones, meaning the eyes adjust to different prescriptions progressively. The design of PALs allows the eyes that need more refractive powers to see things sharply at different distances.

SafeVision Prescription Safety Eyewear Programs

At SafeVision, we are dedicated to helping businesses set up a procurement program for prescription safety eyewear. We offer far more than the few styles listed above along with a plethora of lens treatments as well as accessories like anti-fog sprays.

Our corporate eyewear program will help you find the proper eyewear for your team. Check out our selection of safety eyewear from our PENTAX or Wiley X lines at www.safevision.com.

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