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HOYA History

SafeVision by HOYA’s business has been built for over 75+ years. Evolving from a new division of American Optical called AO Safety to Cabot Safety, Aearo Technologies, and eventually becoming 3M’s prescription safety eyewear division until the end of 2016. Now owned by Hoya Vision Care, one of the world’s leading prescription ophthalmic companies.

How SafeVision Came Into Play

Hoya’s Safety Division was rebranded as SafeVision by HOYA in 2020 after HOYA’s acquisition of SafeVision LLC in St. Louis, MO. Adding SafeVision LLC’s online business, industrial clientele, and frame inventory.

As ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 experts with a proprietary line of safety frames, SafeVision by HOYA can now rely on HOYA Vision Care’s optical laboratories to ensure the highest level of optical quality and production capabilities.

HOYA Vision Care operates a global network of optical laboratories, manufactures ophthalmic lenses, and has positioned itself as a key lab partner and vendor for thousands of independent eye care providers across North America as well as the globe. This allows SafeVision by HOYA to service companies across North America with corporate procurement programs that help organizations connect their employees with eye care professionals and streamline billing.

HOYA’s revolutionary optical and healthcare solutions have been pushing technological boundaries for customers worldwide. As SafeVision’s parent company, we would like to share a brief history of Hoya to best explain how we’ve now become the leading manufacturer of prescription safety eyewear in North America.

The History of HOYA

1941, the Yamankaka brothers established a glass production plant in Hoya, Tokyo, and began to produce optical glass. Then in 1944, the plant was incorporated with a capital of 1.2 million yen a year.

As the company grew, so did its products. Starting in 1967 through 2022, here are some important dates that have brought HOYA to where they are today.

April 1967: HOYA launched their first progressive multifocal lenses

August 1984: The company was renamed Hoya Corporation, and the new Head Office building was completed.

June 1987: HOYA launched intraocular lenses (IOLs) and aspherical molded-glass lenses.

May 2001: HOYA launches HOYALUX Summit Pro and NuLux lenses that use EYRY, a high-index plastic lens material.

October 2001: HOYA begins manufacturing soft intraocular lenses.

August 2007: As a result of the Tender Offer, PENTAX became a consolidated subsidiary of HOYA.

March 2008: HOYA and PENTAX merged.

April 2012: Eyeglass business expanded its direct presence in Brazil by acquiring 100% shares of OPTOTAL HOYA LIMITADA.

November 2012: HOYA, SEIKO, and EPSON; Agreements executed in optical products business.

February-November 2013: HOYA acquired an eyeglass lens development and manufacturing business from Seiko Epson Corporation. HOYA acquired 30% of the shares of Seiko Optical Products Co. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEIKO Holdings Corporation responsible for the sales of the eyeglass-related products. HOYA acquired the majority shares of Wassenburg, a leading company in the field of endoscope reprocessing.

March- July 2014: Hoya completed the acquisition of a 50% stake in Seiko Optical Products that became a consolidated subsidiary. HOYA introduced newly developed optics glass blanks called “NRP.”

September- October 2015: PENTAX Medical invested in Creo Medical Ltd., a leading electrosurgical energy devices company in the U.K. HOYA reached an agreement to acquire Swiss lens manufacturer Knecht & Muller AG. HOYA made Additional Investments in InnFocus, Inc., a Glaucoma Device Company.

September 2016: HOYA launches Yuniku, a global first in vision-centric, 3D-tailored eyewear.

December 2016: HOYA Vision Care acquired the safety prescription eyewear business from 3M. PENTAX Medical acquired C2 Therapeutics to expand Interventional Endoscopy Offering.

May 2017: HOYA Makes Medical Device Venture Investment in LensGen, Inc., an Accommodating Intraocular Lens Developing company.

February 2020: HOYA Certified as an Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management for the fourth consecutive year.

These are only a few of the dates that have brought HOYA to be where they are today. To learn more about the timeline of HOYA, visit their website.

More About HOYA

Driven by a passion for partnership and innovation, HOYA provides eye care professionals with what they need to successfully develop their practice: from high-quality lenses to seamlessly integrated systems, training, and reliable services.

To HOYA, eye care professionals are visionaries who change how their patients see the world every day. And it is through the clarity of their vision they can help their patients achieve their own individual vision for a better life.

SafeVision by HOYA

Being a division of HOYA has allowed SafeVision to bring top-quality eyewear and lenses through corporate programs to employees all over the United States and Canada. If you’re looking for prescription safety eyewear for you or your company, visit our website at

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