Eye Protection for Athletes

As a supplier of prescription safety eyewear, we’re big fans of keeping your eyes protected, and that includes when our customers engage in sports.

Ninety percent of eye injuries can be prevented by wearing protective eyewear. With over 30,000 sports-related eye injuries a year, this means 27,000 of the injuries in America could be avoided with the right protective eyewear.

Which Sports Pose the Greatest Danger to Our Eyesight?

Some sports are more dangerous than others, and some pose a more significant threat of eye injury for the players. The worst sports to play without protective eyewear are airsoft and paintball, followed by soccer or any racket sports. With the possibility of a misfire or a ball to the face, your eyes can take on big hits in these sports. The next most dangerous sports group for your eyes includes archery, swimming, lacrosse, hockey, football, skiing, or snowboarding. It is easy to get hit in the face during these sports while in action or get something in your eyes as you blaze down a mountain in the snow.

Choosing the Best Eye Protection

When choosing the right pair of safety eyewear for your sport, it is important that you choose a pair made specifically for what you are engaging in. At SafeVision, we provide the perfect fit and comfort with every pair. Instead of looking for eyewear to go over your current prescription glasses, we can manufacture a pair of prescription safety eyewear so you can leave your everyday glasses safely at home during practice and games.

In other sports, protective eyewear can be more complicated. For example, in water polo, when feet, hands, or elbows fly in the water, they can knock a player’s goggles into their eyes and cause additional damage turning the eyewear into a hazard themselves. Pay attention to each sport’s guidelines to ensure that the eyewear you choose doesn’t hurt you.

Outdoor Activities and Eye Protection

Suppose you are more interested in outdoor activities or adventures like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or snowboarding. In that case, you will need UV protection in your lenses as well as impact resistance. At SafeVision, our WileyX collection provides lens options, including polarized lenses, to reduce glare or tinted lenses to help you see changes in the terrain better and protect your eyes from the sun while you work and play.

We Can Help You Find Great Eye Protection Gear!

If you aren’t sure which type of eye protection is best for your sport, SafeVision is happy to discuss your options and recommendations. Check out our website to learn more about the collections we carry, or email us at safevision@hoya.com with any questions you might have. Together, we can keep your eyes protected.


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