Wiley X Eyewear, Part Two

Wiley X Eyewear

Rooted in Protection

When it comes to protective eyewear, the choices can be overwhelming. There are many lifestyle eyewear companies that dip a toe into the protective realm, checking off boxes to fulfill requirements and safety standards. There are also PPE-specific companies that include eyewear as a line item on their menu of protective equipment, somewhere between steel-toed boots and hard hats.

Neither of these options, however, provide solutions that were truly born out of the mission to provide premium protection. Enter Wiley X, founded in 1987 by US veteran Myles Freeman. Having seen it first-hand, Freeman recognized a need for up-to-date eye protection in the military, not only in relevant technologies that could withstand and protect against the harshest environments and situations, but in comfort, fit, and appearance as well.

This focus and military heritage helped create the roadmap for what the brand is today. After decades of innovation and refinement, Wiley X holds a firm position at the forefront of the eyewear industry. Employing the most advanced technologies available, every frame in their extensive lineup meets or surpasses the highest level of safety standards while appealing to a consumer base that reaches far beyond the battlefield.

Built-In Versatility

Today, Wiley X still builds safety eyewear for extreme conditions, environments, and activities. However, unlike many competitors in the industry, these benefits are never an afterthought. For Wiley X, protection is fundamental to everything they do—designed into every pair of glasses they build—without ever sacrificing comfort, fit, or style. Because of this, the popularity of Wiley X is far-reaching—inviting a large and diverse range of customers and applications. We took a deeper dive into one pair of Wiley X sunglasses to show a few of the attributes that make Wiley X protective eyewear a solid choice for just about anyone.

Part of their Active Lifestyle series, the WX Peak grabbed our attention as one of their many styles that could go from a day at the beach to the job site without missing a beat. Lightweight and on-trend, with a sporty high-wrap frame that blocks peripheral and harmful UV light, the WX Peak also meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 high-velocity and high-mass impact safety standards, which means they’re approved for on-the-job eye protection. In addition to nearly indestructible construction, the WX Peak shows its softer side with rubberized nose and temple pieces that provide both a slip-free fit and extreme comfort for all-day wear.

High-Performance Features

It seems that Wiley X protective eyewear has a frame for every job, equipped with a host of performance features such as protective side shields, facial cavity seals, 5-barrel hinges, and adjustable straps that can transform your glasses into goggles in seconds. From industrial work sites and shooting ranges, to youth sports and outdoor adventure, Wiley X has proven that premium protection is far from one-dimensional. Their safety eyewear line includes products that transition from the office to the job site, manage lighting conditions in any environment, and block everything from light to wind, moisture, and airborne irritants. An added bonus for all of us is that while Wiley X safety eyewear performs above industry standards in protection, it also fits well, feels good, and goes head-to-head with lifestyle brands in a contemporary style.

At SafeVision, we carry a wide array of WileyX safety eyewear. Look for frames that fit your needs on safevision.com or contact us at safevision@hoya.com to see how we can help.

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