Wiley X Eyewear at SafeVision

Two men wearings safety glasses

SafeVision is proud to partner with Wiley X to bring you a wider selection of prescription safety eyewear. For over 30 years this veteran-founded & family-owned business has remained at the forefront of protection, utilizing the same technologies that keep the military safe to protect those who rely on eye protection on the job.

Their contemporary designs have become a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, on-the-job workers, and athletes, both young and old. All Wiley X frame styles undergo rigorous testing to surpass the ANSI safety standards. Wiley X eyewear gives wearers the freedom to feel safe knowing that their eyes are protected under any extreme situation.

Here are a few of our favorite designs:



Airrage Wiley X Eyewear P-17 Eyewear Nash Eyewear

At SafeVision, we partner with businesses to help them establish and manage prescription safety eyewear programs for their workforce. Keeping employees safe on the job site often starts with finding styles they find comfortable and stylish. That’s why we’ve added Wiley X safety frames to our program offerings to help provide businesses with a brand their workforce is eager to wear. You can also visit safevision.com/shop to find select non-prescription Wiley X styles for sale.

Together with Wiley X, we’re committed to keeping employees’ eyes protected both on and off-site with styles to go confidently forth.

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