Spring Break Eye Safety

Spring Break Eye Care

The month of March is known for taking a Spring break from school, work, and any other obligations you might have. Although some Spring break trips might look a little different this year, we still deserve to take a vacation for ourselves. For most, we have the packing checklist that we wrote and rewrote to make sure we have everything we need. The main items usually include a bathing suit, towel, and sunscreen, but we also need to remember to pack what’s best for our eyes. But before you go, we’re going to go over the quick tips & items you need to keep your eyes safe and protected while you’re sitting back and relaxing somewhere warm.

The Most Important: Sunglasses

While you’re out in the sun soaking in vitamin D, it is essential to keep your eyes protected. Wearing sunglasses while you spend time by the pool or ocean is one of the easiest ways to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Spending even more than 5 minutes unprotected can be dangerous depending on how harsh the rays are, so bringing sunglasses wherever you go is a must!

Water also often has a glare that can be hard on your eyes if not protected by polarized eyewear. Polarized eyewear helps reduce the chance of severe damage or eye pain from the reflections or bright light, such as macular degeneration and cataracts. So pick up your cutest or coolest pair of protective sunglasses and protect your eyes in style.


If you wear contacts, you might want to remove them before heading to the pool or ocean. Swimming with your contacts in your eyes can lead to them changing shape when exposed to the water. Usually, this causes discomfort and higher chances of blurred vision, infection, or trapped microorganisms between your contact and eye. If you don’t want to remove them, then be sure to pack goggles to wear to protect your eyes and allow yourself to see more clearly underwater!

Packing The Eye Care Essentials

Packing for vacation can be stressful. One thing you need to keep at the top of your list is your eye care essentials. These essentials include contact solution, extra contacts, glasses, and a lens cleaning cloth. While they aren’t the most fun items to pack, these items will allow you to have fun the entire time because you won’t be worried about your eyes.

If you are looking for stylish but protective eyewear for your Spring break, shop the collection at SafeVision. We provide a wide range of options for men and women to keep their eyes protected from the sun and all the potential risks of spending more time outside. Have a good trip!

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