Protect Your Eyes From Yard Work Hazards

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When you’re out in the yard working, mowing, or gardening, do you wear safety eyewear? Many don’t think their eyes are at risk for injury, but about 2.5 million eye injuries occur each year in the U.S, and nearly half of them occur in and around your home. The yard or garden is common for injuries, so you should wear protective eyewear, and here’s why.

Types of Hazards in the Yard

  • Debris from trimming or mowing– When trimming your bushes or lawn, debris, grass, branches, twigs, and even rocks will likely kick up towards your face from the blades. Mowers can cause dust, dirt, and sand to stir in the air and scratch your corneas. All of our prescription safety eyewear has passed ANSI Z87.1 testing for high mass and high-velocity impact. Additionally, all our safety frames meet ANSI Z87.1 requirements for front and side coverage when worn with the side shields attached if included.
  • Pesticides or Fertilizers– Spraying pesticides or fertilizers on your lawn and garden is great for them but not for your eyesight. Wearing a pair of safety eyewear can help keep your eyes protected from the chemicals dispersed in the air by a mower. We offer a variety of prescription safety eyewear frames with dust bars, foam or rubber seals, and head straps to reduce the risk of chemical splashes affecting your eyes.
  • UV Rays– When exposed to sunlight for long periods, your eyes are at risk for damage. A pair of sunglasses or safety eyewear with UV protection is an easy fix. Our Phoenix lens material protects against 100% of UVA & UVB.

Ways To Prevent Eye Injuries While In The Yard

There are multiple ways to protect your eyes when out in the yard. If you’re mowing, check for any sticks or debris that could injure your eyes before starting. Next, be wary of those near you when operating any equipment. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 75 people are killed each year in garden equipment-related accidents, with 1 in 5 being a child. When operating a weed eater, wear safety eyewear and face protection to prevent high-speed debris from hitting and injuring your face. And finally, be sure to follow all directions and instructions for operating lawn equipment or applying chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Being cautious while using will keep you safer from accidents. Many may think nothing will happen to them, but it is better to be safe than sorry and protect your eyes from the beginning.

Protect Your Eyesight with SafeVision

Now that you know some of the hazards of working out in the yard, you might want to know where to purchase a pair of safety eyewear to protect your eyes. At SafeVision, we have a wide selection of safety eyewear for any project or job you might be taking on, both in the yard and in your home. Between our two lines of PENTAX or Wiley X, there’s a pair for everyone. Shop our safety eyewear online at or call a representative if your company could benefit from a corporate program to keep them all safe on the job.


Stay safe and happy Spring!


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