Five Things To Consider When Selecting Prescription Safety Glasses For Construction Workers

construction safety glasses

Construction is one of the industries that requires safety eyewear on a daily basis.

While working on most construction projects, there are any number of hazards that could potentially contact the eyes and cause damage.

Eye protection is key in this context, but you may be wondering, how do you choose the best protection options for your needs?

To help, here are five things to consider when selecting prescription safety glasses for construction workers.


What will you likely be exposed to?

All construction projects are different and use different materials and tools in ways specific to the project.

It’s an important first step to consider what you will most likely be exposed to while on the job in order to decide what kind of protection is needed.

Is falling debris a primary concern? Then consider safety frames that feature a brow-guard.

Are flying projectiles such as debris ricocheting off power tools like nails a probable hazard? Then you’ll want to ensure your safety glasses are high impact resistant and feature peripheral coverage in the form of side shields or high wrap frames.

Do you move around a lot? Invest in a head strap or look for safety frames that come with one to keep them secure on your head throughout the day.

Lens coatings and technology

Where your job takes place matters. If you are working outside more often than not and are exposed to glare and UV rays from the sun on a regular basis, you may want to consider prescription safety sunglasses with polarized lenses and UV protection.

This will prevent glare from interrupting your vision as well as make colors more vivid, providing you with the clearest picture to avoid any glare- or vision-related mistakes.

ANSI & CSA safety standards

It is best to always make sure your safety glasses are marked with Z87 or Z94 which indicate the frame meets ANSI (USA) or CSA (Canada) safety standards.

Safety glasses and goggles that meet ANSI z87.1 or CSA Z94.3 standards have been rigorously tested for optical clarity and high impact resistance. They can also be tested and marked to protect against specific hazards such as fine dust (D5 marking per ANSI standards).

Good quality safety glasses will have these markings stamped or engraved on the frame and lenses. While online shopping, always check the product description to make sure they meet ANSI or CSA standards for the best protection possible.


It’s even more important to make sure your safety glasses fit properly than standard glasses to ensure they’re not leaving large gaps which could allow flying debris to penetrate.

As construction often includes very physical tasks requiring you to wear safety glasses for long periods of time, making sure they are comfortable and fit snugly and securely on the face can be the difference between being properly protected and your glasses sliding off at the wrong time.


Safety glasses can come in all kinds of different styles. They can look identical to everyday eyeglasses with wire frames and large lenses, or they can have thicker transparent plastic frames with side and brow guards attached.

Always choose the pair that fits both your needs and your preferred style.

Find the Best Prescription Safety Glasses With SafeVision

While working, having the right pair of safety glasses does not only improve you work experiences due to better vision, protected eyes and less room for damage, but also improve the quality of your work.

Knowing you are properly protected will free you from the worry of eye injury and allow you to work with your full attention, which is especially needed in construction projects that might otherwise be harmful.

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